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~A Matter of Honor~  


Genvieve de Martinique
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17/12/2019 12:06 am  
~Written this 16th Day of Decembre in the year of Our Lord 1599~
To his Grace, Archduke Alonzo and those of Concern ~
I, Genvieve de Martinique, do by swear by the Grace of God that the following accounting is not but honest and true.
I arrived in some distress to the city on the eve of the 17th of November, after I and my father were attacked on our way here, that my father, Duke Gareth Gabriel Beaumains de Martinique. Upon arrival, a Royal Feast was also under attack. Not knowing who I was, a man who I now know is Monsieur Arlo, asked if I could help. I did not have anything but my hands and the clothes on my person, but I helped as I could. I assisted Lord Arafel who is now a friend, and thanks me for his life. This action prompted me to be introduced to Lady Agatha Pallas, that she may further my education in Medicine having assisted my mother, a renowned and excellent surgeon since I can remember.
Things were arranged that I would study under Lady Pallas and Lord Compte Jean Frederic de Marigny would be my Patron, and I was thus accepted into the French Consulate who have been most kind and have taken me in as family.
It was the following evening of the 18th when Monsieur Arlo was gravely injured in the night by a woman named Gloria. Sir Matteo, discharging his duty to protect the city, helped me as he could to hold Gloria still after treating Arlo. It was in this incidence where the dress given me was covered in blood. Sir Matteo, after the patients were tended, and Gloria placed in a cell, escorted me to the baths that I may wash and he too lent my clean clothes that I may wear, for my father had not yet arrived into the city. During the night, we did speak and he did voice interest, but after I informed him that I was a maiden and awaiting my wedding night with my husband, he desisted with his romantic interests and instead became a caring friend, and one I am fortunate to have.
However, Sir Matteo's attention upon me was observed by others. He helped me find my father, who was found in the woods, dead with our servants. Our belongings stolen. He helped bury my father and he, Deigo and others assisted in this venture. His kindness and attention was misinterpreted and my only mistake in this was voicing my uncertainty in regards to his attention was sharing such in confidence with Lady Pallas. It is an excuse, but perhaps a notable one, that I was not in the best state of mind. And clearly, it was a mistake to confide any thought in my mind with the Lady Pallas. I fear this is the spark the lit the fuse igniting rumors that after a month, despite the efforts of those of the French Consulate and my adamant assurance that Matteo Medici, Chief Constable, has been nothing but a kind and caring friend.
Concisely, I state these words. I did indeed express concern to Lady Agatha Pallas about Sir Matteo, but these concerns have been assuaged, and I have voiced such to the Lady, the Beaumonts and any who asked of it, which were no other than the Lady Pallas herself. The French Consulate thought the matter put to rest after they took their steps, but I cannot speak of those not knowing myself what they were. But Matteo has not touched me or treated me in anyway that is inappropriate for a married man.
In regards to his behavior outside of my notice, I cannot say, but I can understand why he would become frustrated having this issue hurt his family. Dieter himself lied directly to his wife, the Baroness Tara Medici, telling him of our "affair" (which does not exist) and also spreading rumors that Tara's child does not belong to Matteo.
I know not of any challenge regarding a duel and my honor, or that of Matteo's and this sir Kino, whom I am unfamiliar with.
It would be most unjust that Sir Matteo, Chief Constable, suffer any punishment for crimes he did not commit, unless kindness and concern is now a crime. I swear this before God, and those he has appointed to rule the country of Italy. He is a friend to me, one I am blessed to have, and nothing more. He and his wife deserve to be left in peace and these horrid rumors silenced for they are nothing but gossip to hurt them for either political or personal motives.
I write these words in full honesty, under the Oath of God and that I have sworn as a Healer to be naught but truthful with my words, even if they are hard truths.
In Honor and Respect ~
~Genvieve Ahleen Diana de Martinique
Student of Medicine
Member of the French Consulate