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English Toga Party Date  


Arafel Belator
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07/02/2020 6:29 pm  

Hey guys! I'm trying to make sure everyone that wants to come to the toga party can! I know there were a few issues with Sunday and a few weekends in March.

Would everyone that wants to go, be able to make Friday the 28th of February at 9 pm?

If the 28th or time does not work, let me know! I will do some reconfiguring for a time and day that works for everyone.


Also, shout out to Kjell for making bedsheets wearable for the event!


If you have any ideas for the party, let me know! I think this is going to be a riot!

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Just call me Hobbles

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07/02/2020 10:31 pm  

That new avatar lol <3 

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