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Brains & Brawn Champions [Hiring]  


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08/03/2020 7:35 pm  

It is my immense pleasure to announce my new guild B&B Champions. This guild will focus on both physical to mental martial areas as both are equally important. Therefore, I am seeking honorable and ambitious citizens to join me in aiding the city. As a member of the city Militia, it would be my hope to one day have all my members also join, that however is not a requirement. I am accepting both new and seasoned fighters who are willing to learn and or teach others. If you are interested, please continue reading for more details.

* Willing to learn: no matter what we know there is always more to learn.
* Patience: this is still a new guild, and I am only one person.
* Courtesy: we should always treat everyone how we want to be treated.
* Ambition: I would like eager members to not only be in a guild but to help teach the city how to defend themselves.

* I cannot pay you, but I will make sure you every lesson you need.
* I will provide your weapons and armor.
* I will be your patron if you prove you are capable of the above.
* I will assist you with anything else you require that is within my power.

Those who seek to join should contact me via courier.

*Please know that joining is not required to be taught. Everyone should know how to defend themselves in all areas.*