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Docket #5210 - Royal Crown v. Duke di Giordio

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Docket #5210

In the matter of:

The Royal Crown, Prosecutor
Rep Advocate Emilia Borgia, Borgia and Associates;


Duke Marcellio di Giordio, Defendant
Rep Chief Justicar Emeraude di Farnese, Chancery Court;

Having appeared before the Honorable Judge Christopher Harrington on the third of November in the year of Our Lord 1603, and having been found of sound mind, was duly charged with the following:

- Treason
- Conspiracy
- Attempted Murder against a Royal Family Member
- Aggravated Assault against a member of the Chancery Court

The defendant, appearing in person with counsel, made a plea under oath of Not Guilty to all charges.

The prosecutor, appearing on behalf of the Royal Crown, requested of the Court that the defendant be remanded to house arrest pending jury selection and trial commencement. The motion was granted and the trial has been entered on the docket to begin proceedings upon jury selection.

A trial by Peers will commence at a date TBA. All guests and citizens of the realm ranked Baron or higher are encouraged to apply to Volante Jakoba for a seat upon the jury in this matter.

Signed and notarized;
4 November 1603
Volante Jakoba, Court Clerk


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Docket #5210

In the matter of:

The Royal Crown, Prosecutor
Rep Advocate Emilia Borgia, Borgia and Associates;


Duke Marcellio di Giordio, Defendant
Rep Chief Justicar Emeraude di Farnese, Chancery Court;

As the jury selection process draws to a close proceedings will begin on November 25th at 9pm at the Tribunale di Rinascita.

Attire is to be conservative formal. Spectators are allowed under the provision that they remain respectful throughout.

Signed and notarized;
17 November 1603
Volante Jakoba, Court Clerk

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Royal Crown v Giordio Official Transcript - Day One


Judge Christopher Harrington di Napoli, Presiding


Duke Marcellio di Giordio, Defendant 

Chief Justicar Emeraude di Farnese, Defense Attorney


King Dominic di Ricchezza, Royal Crown

Advocate Emiliana Borgia, Prosecuting Attorney


Volante Jakoba, Court Clerk

Guardsman Willieam Hughes, Bailiff



Baroness Rose McNamera, Madam Foreperson

Duke Samuel Alvarez

Captain General Dario Altamura

Marquis Ezechiel Trivulzio

Marchioness Semele Malatesta

Lady Mistress Kilana Corvasci

Lady Emmaline Richelieu Beaumont

Lord Giovanni Esposito

Count Lorenzo Garrote

Lady Tatianna Morena

Count Amidio Mendoza

Countess Navier Mendoza

Lord Normand Boucheron

Lord Albrecht Hrothberht

Baroness Cordelia Durnst 

Lord Norton Pilsbourghy



Volante: All rise for the honorable Judge Christopher Harrington di Napoli.


Judge Harrington: You may be seated.


<disturbance from the audience>


Judge Harrington: Order in my court!

Judge Harrington: We're gathered here today in the matter of the Royal Crown versus Duke Marcellio di Giordio. The defendant stands accused of the following crimes:

Judge Harrington: Treason. Conspiracy to commit. Attempted murder of a member of the Royal family. Aggravated assault against a member of the King's Chancery Court.

Judge Harrington: The proceedings will commence with Advocate Emiliana Borgia on behalf of the Royal Crown.


Advocate Emiliana: Thank you, your Honor.

Advocate Emiliana: The first witness I'm calling to the stand is Lord Chancellor Alonzo Martano Fortini.


Volante: Please place your right hand on the Bible.

Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I do.


Advocate Emiliana: Your Highness, thank you for agreeing to testify today. Let's start. Please recount the evening of August twenty-ninth for the court?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I retired to my chambers in the west wing of the palace after supper. Per my usual routine, I poured myself a glass of wine and ran a bath.

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: A while later, while in the bath, I began to feel unwell. It became difficult to move, and breathe. Shortly after, two individuals appeared in my chambers and...

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Ahem, excuse me.

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Two individuals appeared and restrained me. I was dragged from my chambers and through the corridors until we reached the protective walls surrounding the citadel.

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I was unable to resist being bound to a large cross. Once the assailants did such, they began their assault.

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I was pierced through the wrists and ankles while the second assailant used a blade on the same areas. The specific details of the precise order elude me.

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: At least point, whatever substance had affected my mobility was also affecting my perception of reality.


Advocate Emiliana: I am sure it is difficult to relive the experience.

Advocate Emiliana: Now, it is my understanding that you lived alone at the time of the attempt on your life, is that correct?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I lived with my dog and my cat.


Advocate Emiliana: And were you aware at the time of those residing full time in the same wing as yourself that would be so intimately aware of your nightly routine?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I was.


Advocate Emiliana: Can you please elaborate for the record?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: My immediately adjacent neighbors were Marcellio and the governess to his and her Highness, the prince and princess.


Advocate Emiliana: Now, can you explain your relationship with the defendant?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: We worked together occasionally within the respective purview of our roles.


Advocate Emiliana: I have numerous interviews that mention a level of discord existing between yourself and Marcellio. Can you please comment on that?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I would hesitate to call it discord. Within the realm of our roles, we worked efficiently together. My personal views aside, he was capable of that which he was tasked with.


Advocate Emiliana: Lord Chancellor, I am not asking about his ability to do his job. I'm asking about your personal relationship with the defendant.


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: We went to school together as children. I would occasionally call him an idiot. And sometimes dumb. Among other things meant with no real ire. I'm a man of robust and scathing vocabulary. I would not go so far as to call him my "bestie" but we managed well enough.


Advocate Emiliana: So the relationship was occasionally contentious and without much affection. And Marcellio was in a position to be intimately aware of your routine as well as your comings and goings. Now, Marcellio was called away on duty from the twenty-fifth of August to the third of September. Did your routine change at all during that time period?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: My routine never changed. For any reason.


Advocate Emiliana: Is it safe to say that someone wishing to have a solid alibi for a crime of this nature would be able to plan this for a time period during which they would be absent?


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Objection, Your honor. Speculation. She's offering her opinion to the witness not based on any evidence she's presented.


Judge Harrington: Sustained.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: And if we could please encourage the Advocate to speed things up? There are other witnesses and cross examinations to be made.


Advocate Emiliana: Redirect. As Marcellio's supervisor, can you confirm that he would have access to master keys, floorplans, and the schedules of those working under him within the Palace?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Yes. He did.


Advocate Emiliana: No further questions, you Honor.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Mn. Forgive me, I am slow moving these days.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: Your Excellency, about how many courtiers occupy His Majesty's palace? Rough estimate.


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: In the slow season, as few as a couple dozen, in the high season, it could be as many as hundreds. Or more. Particularly when Royal Court season is at its peak.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Several at any given point, likely occupy the apartments near yours, and Marcellio's... And as far as access to the keys the Advocate was referring to... Could you elaborate on who specifically has access to those?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Myself, both the King and Queen, my Vice Chancellor. Chief Steward of Her Majesty's household. Captain of the Royal Guard, and the High Field Marshal.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: And, out of curiousity, is it possible if you kept your routine the exact same, other people may have known your day-to-day as well?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I am a creature of habit, yes. And naturally, well known.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: So, several other people on the same floor, mutiple keys in several hands and the possibility of several people knowing your routine while the defendant was out of town during your attack.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: ...No further questions, Your Honor.


Judge Harrington: You may step down.


Advocate Emiliana: For my next witness, Vice Chancellor Eliseo Mallorca di Farnese.


Volante: Please place your hand on the Bible.

Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: Absolutely, oh yes.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: I promise.


Advocate Emiliana: Lord Chamberlain, it is my understanding that you were the sole witness to finding the Archduke Alonzo Fortini immediately following the attack. Can you briefly elaborate on the chain of events?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: I was going for a walk, and His Highness Alonzozo's dog found me very frantically. I followed the dog and he led me to the front g-gate of the citadel.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: H-he was t-tied to a cross that was h-hanging...

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: I'm very sorry, it was not very nice.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: He was tied to a cross that was hanging over the g-gate to the palace and bleeding very terribly. He was h-having seizures. I g-got the guards to help.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: They cut the r-ropes and carried him to the hospital. Lady Donnamielle h-helped save him.


Advocate Emiliana: I understand how difficult this must be. After the Archduke was stabilized, can you explain what happened next?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: We decided it was safest if h-he was moved out of the public hospital so I volunteered my apartments. Lady Donnamielle agreed that a safehouse was best instead of the hospital or palace.


Advocate Emiliana: Now, I'm going to ask you to fast forward a few weeks. Can you please lead me through the alleged assault upon your person by the defendant?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: I... well, it was more of a disagreement. Um... Marcellio wished to speak with me about what happened to Alonzozo, and I was still so very sensitive and upset... but anyway, it was just a misunderstanding during a very tense time for everyone.


Advocate Emiliana: What happened?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: Yes ma'am miss honourable justice lady...

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: Marcellio asked to speak with me. I didn't want to go. He grabbed my wrist and I had a hissy over it, as one is wont to do. We bickerbitched about it and he brought me to a small room and we got heated and then he yelled at me a-and I cried over it. That's all.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: That's all.


Advocate Emiliana: And were you injured during this altercation?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: ...yes...

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: My wrist was sprained and I had a bruise on my chest.


Advocate Emiliana: And would you say that you were frightened and felt threatened during this altercation?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: Yes Lady Justice of the most honourable courtliness.


Advocate Emiliana: No further questions, your Honor.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: That sounds like an extremely upsetting situation for the both of you... Did His Grace di Giordio elaborate why he wished to speak about the attack on His Excellency Fortini?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: He said he wanted to know what I knew and what happened to Zozo in the palace, my Emery, most Honorable Lady Justice.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Did he expand on why he wanted to know?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: It all got very chaotic but he was very eager to know what happened that people weren't telling him.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: He did say sorry.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Oh. As in... He wanted to know people weren't telling him that Alonzo wasn't attacked? Do you mean that it appeared to you that he was unaware of an attack?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: Yes, Emery. He seemed very upset and mad and upset with -me- for not telling so it seemed like he really, really wanted to know and didn't?


Advocate Emiliana: Objection, asking witness to speculate.


Judge Harrington: Sustained, move it along, councilor.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Oops. Allow me to "readjust" my wording. Based on what you observed from the Duke, how would you interpret his behavior?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: He seemed frantic, scared? Confused. I cry when I get overwhelmed and confused. Some people get mad.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: He seemed like the latter.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Hm. Yes, I'm sure. I am going to ask you something more broad. How did his behavior impact you and those immediately around you?


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: At first I was upset and people were upset with him, but I don't think he meant it. Things just got carried away and he said sorry afterward. I believed him very much when he said it. It was an honest sorry. I was just a little p-pissy about it so I did not say it's okay right away.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: I'm sorry for using crass language, you most excellent Judge of Courtliness.

Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: But it's okay now.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Thank you, Lord Chamberlain.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: No further questions.


Lord Chamberlain Eliseo: Okay, thank you!


Advocate Emiliana: For my next witness, Lieutenant Selene di Cosenza, Captain of the Royal and City Guard.


Volante: Please place your right hand on the Bible.

Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Captain Selene: I swear.


Advocate Emiliana: Please lead the courtroom through the events of the defendant's arrest?


Captain Selene: The day after the alleged assault, the Lord Chamberlain informed me of the events. I went to His Grace's apartments in the palace to speak to him about the matter.

Captain Selene: Because of the increased rate of terrorist attacks and my own personal kidnapping, I prefer to travel with the City Guard's trained dog, Brutus. I had him with me that day. He is trained to identify suspicious substances and potentially dangerous things. Brutus began to act up around His Grace so I requested a body search and found suspicious items. A further search uncovered more suspicious items.

Captain Selene: Peace shit. Bomb. Arrow. Some other paraphernalia I cannot recall immediately without looking at the evidence log.


Advocate Emiliana: Speaking of the evidence log, the paperwork and evidence trail is rather... sparse, correct?


Captain Selene: In that regard, maybe? I was instructed to pass that onto the higher-ups, since it is a high profile case with the defendant being a duke and former high field marshal.


Advocate Emiliana: Is that the explanation behind the lack of follow up in the investigation, Captain?


Captain Selene: Wouldn't know. As I said, I was instructed to pass the case to the higher ups. I do as I am told, Advocate. It's a delicate case. Victim is the cousin of the king, possible suspect is a duke and military leader. It was out of my hands.


Advocate Emiliana: As far as what was passed up, though, it's not much. And the evidence itself is conveniently absent from today's proceedings.

Advocate Emiliana: Let's redirect; you have a long standing personal relationship with the defendant, correct?


<disturbance from juror's table>


Judge Harrington: Order in my court, please.


Lady Tatianna: ...just a bit overheated, your Honor. My apologies.


Advocate Emiliana: Lieutenant, do you or do you not have a long standing personal relationship with the defendant?


Captain Selene: Depends on your definition of "personal". I am a Lieutenant in the King's Army. He was the High Field Marshal. I did not serve directly under him, no. We had interactions. Yes, I believe he is a good man and he is a phenomenal leader. If you, Advocate Borgia, are inquiring about the moment in time where he saved my life, then sure. Personal.


Advocate Emiliana: Yes, that's precisely the time I am talking about. I believe that brings your relationship with the accused from one of happenstance to something more. You agree you owe your life to the defendant?


Captain Selene: I don't agree with that, no. Lives are not to be traded. Do you know how the military get rid of bodies on the battlefield? To save time, we dig trenches. Massive trenches. Toss bodies in. It is what it is. He happened to notice I was still breathing. I will -always- be grateful but I do not owe him my life. We are here because -I- arrested -him-.


Advocate Emiliana: Yes, you arrested him for a crime with indisputable evidence to back it up. Evidence that has since disappeared alongside paperwork that is less than comprehensive. You might not owe him a favor, but would you agree that you would rather not see your savior, a 'good' man and 'phenomenal' leader responsible for saving your life exonerated through a mistrial?


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Objection, Your Honor! Come -on-!


<disturbance from the audience>


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Are you kidding me?


Judge Harrington: Order! Order!


Captain Selene: If that were the case, I would not have wasted everyone's time by making the arrest to begin with, would I?

Captain Selene: You're a fucking idiot.


Judge Harrington: Sustained. This isn't law school, Borgia. Comport yourself better.

Judge Harrington: <to Captain Selene> I will hold you in contempt.

Judge Harrington: Move it along.


Advocate Emiliana: No further questions.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: You know what? I have no questions for the witness at this time. I think the prosecution did a sufficient job in making her point and I think the witness did a sufficient job in making -my- point.


Judge Harrington: You can step down.


Advocate Emiliana: For my next witness, Governor General Aldo Baiocchi.


Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Governor General Aldo: Yes.


Advocate Emiliana: Governor General, when were you first made aware of the case?


Governor General Aldo: I received an incomplete criminal report. I was later approached by two individuals inquiring about why the defendant was in custody.


Advocate Emiliana: The Dowager Duchess of Urbino and the Countess di Napoli, correct?


Governor General Aldo: That is correct.


Advocate Emiliana: Please elaborate the relationship of those named to the defendant?


Governor General Aldo: The defendant's mother and the defendant's -former- fiancee, respectively.


Advocate Emiliana: So the failure in proper procedure extends beyond shoddy paperwork and incomplete evidence records into not properly outlining the charges brought against the defendant to his next of kin?


Governor General Aldo: Correct.


Advocate Emiliana: Given what you received from the Captain, would you say you were able to effectively take on the case or did you find that the information given to you was insufficient.


Governor General Aldo: Yes. And no.


Advocate Emiliana: Please elaborate, Governor General.


Governor General Aldo: I found the initial investigation to be up to protocol standards.

Governor General Aldo: The evidence is not admissible.


Advocate Emiliana: I have the log here, Governor General. What makes the evidence inadmissible?


Governor General Aldo: The log is admissible. I made the log. I saw the evidence.

Governor General Aldo: But the evidence itself is not admissible. Because it burned.


Advocate Emiliana: One moment... please.


Governor General Aldo: The evidence log is sufficient as proof the evidence existed. Therefore, to answer your question, although the case handed to me was insufficient, at best, it is my understanding that enough exists in your dossier to proceed with a trial.


Advocate Emiliana: No further questions, your Honor.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: ...So, to reiterate...

Chief Justicar Emeraude: ...Evidence, burned up?


Governor General Aldo: I saw the evidence. I made a log. There was a fire. Now there is no physical evidence.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Right, right. What, as Governor General, was your opinion on the way your City Guardsmen have handled the case?


Governor General Aldo: It was handled with due process and standard procedure in accordance with the training provided to them. Additionally, their swift action on the evening of the fire prevented a complete loss of all evidence and preserved the lives of numerous prisoners. I am satisfied with the actions of the Guardsmen and women.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: ...No further questions.


Governor General Aldo: Thank you.


Advocate Emiliana: For my next witness...

Advocate Emiliana: Dame Persephone di Catania.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Your Honor, that witness is not permitted to testify.


Judge Harrington: I'm sorry, I cannot allow that, Advocate Borgia.


Advocate Emiliana: She's a key witness!


Judge Harrington: And wed to the defendant. Spousal testimony is inadmissible in the courts.


Advocate Emiliana: I have no record of this!


Judge Harrington: Then discuss it with your clerks. The paperwork was made available on discovery.


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Yeah, she's my wife.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Ah. How strange. His Honor was able to receive a copy with little issue. The Duchess will not be testifying... Shall we continue?


Advocate Emiliana: Fine.

Advocate Emiliana: Lady Donnamielle Amoretti Boucheron.


Volante: Please place your hand upon the Bible.

Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Lady Elle: I do.


Advocate Emiliana: Lady Donnamielle, I understand you were the lead physician in Alonzo's attempted murder, correct?


Lady Elle: Si, correct.


Advocate Emiliana: Can you speak up so the jury can hear you, m'Lady?


Lady Elle: <indicating scarred throat> No, I can't.


Advocate Emiliana: I.. apologize. I...


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Perhaps it would be prudent for the Lady to stand closer to the jury so she may be better heard and so the Advocate may avoid further badgering of witnesses?


Judge Harrington: Due... to extentuating circumstances, this would be permissable.

Judge Harrington: Bailiff, escort the witness safely to the jury tables?


Chief Justicar Emeraude: She has appeared to upset enough people today. I would hate to add another one of Italy's sacrificing daughters to that list.


Advocate Emiliana: I apologize. Now, you were the overseeing physician for Archduke Alonzo Fortini, correct?


Lady Elle: Si. I was.


Lord Giovanni: Heard her perfect!


Advocate Emiliana: Please elaborate the injuries and symptoms presented after the attack?


Lady Elle: The injuries were mostly on ankles and wrists of Lord Chancellor. Puncture through joint of both e also this slice with sharp blade to result in much blood loss.

Lady Elle: In addition to puncture and slice of this wrists and ankles, also slice into chest.  Wound was made difficult to treat because Lord Chancellor suffer from poison of deadly nightshade. Symptom include seizure, delusion, hallucinate, much sweat, loss of conscious, and difficult of breathe.


Advocate Emiliana: And at any point were you made aware of such a substance being found in or around the defendant's person or property.


Lady Elle: No. I only make diagnosis of patient at time of treating and in follow up of care for rehabilitate.


Advocate Emiliana: Of course.

Advocate Emiliana: further questions.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: What can you tell us about the nature in which the wounds were inflicted? Their causes, exactly?


Lady Elle: Wound present in two different categor---

Lady Elle: Wound were two very different wound.

Lady Elle: Slice from very small blade made with precision of surgeon over most vital vein and artery.

Lady Elle: Other wound of puncture require less precision and more brute force. It is difficult for drive thin blade through joint of bone and tendon, si? Slice wound was thin blade. Puncture was round more like spike. Would take great strength for create as much damage as found in wound of Lord Chancellor.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: I see. Precision of surgeon? Interesting. Nightshade poisoning? I have heard of nightshade and it being used in small doses as medication... Is this true, Doctor?


Lady Elle: Si. Often difference between medical benefit and toxicity is dose. Moderation key to everything. Small dose of something can help. Too much can make very bad of symptom.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Interesting...

Chief Justicar Emeraude: In your opinion, would someone with high medicinal skill be able to procure nightshade?

Chief Justicar Emeraude: Herbal medicinal skill. Or herbalism. Whatever plant-science.


Lady Elle: Any skill doctor can make this. Like you say, this is use for medicine e treat of select condition. I could make if ingredient available to me.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Precision of a surgeon... Any skilled doctor can make nightshade... Interesting...

Chief Justicar Emeraude: No further questions.


Advocate Emiliana: No further witnesses, prosecution rests.


Judge Harrington: The court will reconvene tomorrow to hear the defense.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Thank you, Your Honor.


Advocate Emiliana: Thank you, your Honor.



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Royal Crown v Giordio Official Transcript - Day Two

Volante: Presenting the Honorable Judge Christopher Harrington di Napoli.


Judge Harrington: At ease.

Judge Harrington: I call the court into session for day two of the proceedings. Chief Justice Emeraude di Farnese will present the defense's case tonight.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Thank you, Your Honor.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: I call to the stand His Grace Marcellio di Giordio.


Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> I do.


Judge Harrington: It is our understanding that the defendant's testimony will be given in Italian to accommodate his abilities. Court Clerk Volante will translate for those not fluent in the language.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Thank you, Your Honor. The Court's mercy is appreciated.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: Please tell the jury your whereabouts on August 29th of this year, 1603?

Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> I was on the field lending mutual aid to the Duchy of Rimini. Marche and Umbria, against an advance by the neighboring duchy.


Volante: I was on the field to lend mutual aid to the duchy of Rimini at Marche and Umbria against advances by the neighboring duchy.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: I see.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: Why were you there, Your Grace?

Chief Justicar Emeraude: What I mean to ask, who sent you there?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> His Majesty did.


Volante: Let the record show that the defendant has indicated his Majesty King Dominic di Ricchezza.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: If it pleases Court, I do have the order of march should Your Honor wish to see it?


Judge Harrington: Please allow the Court Clerk to do so, that it might be entered into the record officially.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Sealed and all, Your Honor.


Judge Harrington: Please have His Majesty verify the validity of the seal since we have the opportunity to do so now.


Volante: Your Majesty.


King Dominic: ...Order of March To High Field Marshal Marcellio di Girdio... By the authority vested in me as King of Italy, I hereby issue the following order for the march of our esteemed army: The army shall embark on a decisive compaign to assist the army of Marquis of Rimini Fulvio Malatesta to secure the borderlands of Marche and Umbria from the external threat of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, Duke Sylvestro Farnese. Departure: The army shall commence its march on the morning of the 25th day of August, Year 1603.... Signed by me.

King Dominic: S'mine. Go.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Thank you, Your Majesty.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: Your Grace, could you please elaborate on your previous statement in regards to the King and the order of march? Where were you when you received the order?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> I was here in the city. I got a summons and got the order and then I went to the station up at the fort to gather the men.


Volante: I was in the city when I was summoned and received the order. I then went to the fort and gathered the men.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Who delivered the order of march to you? And did you leave on the morning of the 25th of August as His Majesty's order commanded?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> I got the order from Archduke Alonzo. He usually does stuff like that for His Majesty. I ended up heading up to the fort the night before so we could step off in the morning. Gotta give the men time to prepare, y'know?


Volante: The order was given to Marcellio by Archduke Alonzo, who handles these matters for His Majesty. Marcellio departed the city for the fort on the evening of the twenty-fourth to allow the men time to prepare to leave on the morning of the twenty-fifth.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Hm. And when was it you returned to the City?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> September third so I could marry my wife.

Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Never gonna forget that day.


Volante: Marcellio returned on September third, the day of his wedding.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Congratulations to you and your Duchess, Your Grace.


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Thanks. M'real lucky.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: No further questions.


Advocate Emiliana: Marcellio, where did you meet your wife?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> On the field, ma'am. She's a private in the army as one of our chief medics.


Volante: They met on the field where she worked as a private and medic.


Advocate Emiliana: I understand you are currently under house arrest at your wife's home, correct?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Yes.


Volante: Yes.


Advocate Emiliana: So you have known the Doctor for quite some time, married a doctor, and reside full time with a Doctor, yet all of your medical records entered into evidence are signed by someone else. Why?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Uh...

Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Because...

Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Y'know, because when you love someone it's real hard to see'em suffering and have t'give'em bad news like you ain't gonna think or talk or live the same ever again.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Objection. The Duke is not a doctor, should she not ask a doctor why a doctor would do a doctor-thing?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> No, I'll answer. 'cause it was my decision to protect my wife's heart. I wanted a different doctor. That's why.

Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> If you were nicer, you'd understand 'cause you'd have someone who felt the same way about you I feel about my wife, all due respect an' all.


Judge Harrington: <to Marcellio> Settle down. Now.


Volante: Marcellio asked to be seen by someone else so as not to put his wife in the difficult position of having to diagnose and treat life-altering medical conditions for someone she loves.


Advocate Emiliana: We heard in testimony yesterday that you and the Archduke had an often contentious relationship. Can you confirm that?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Um... I don't understand that word...


Advocate Emiliana: <in Italian> We heard the relationship between yourself and Archduke Alonzo was contentious. Difficult or unfriendly.  Can you confirm that?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> We worked okay when we needed to. Sometimes he was a little mean. Doesn't mean I wanted him dead. You're a little mean. Doesn't mean anyone wants you dead, though, amirite?


Judge Harrington: The defendant will control himself or be removed from my courtroom. Last warning, your Grace.


Volante: They worked together when they needed to despite occasional personality conflicts.


Advocate Emiliana: Permission to treat the witness as hostile, your Honor?


Judge Harrington: Granted.


Advocate Emiliana: We've heard numerous accounts of your prowess as a military leader, we have record of you being in possession of paraphenalia used to commit crimes throughout the city and palace, we have plausible reason to believe you had not only motive, but also means and methods to commit the crimes for which you are being charged, including the aggravated assault of someone half your size. Why did you have all these things if you did not in fact plan to use them?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> I didn't use that shit. I wasn't planning on it either. I confiscated it 'cause it's dangerous stuff.


Volante: He never used it and had no plans to. The items were confiscated for safety reasons.


Advocate Emiliana: You confiscated it? From who?


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> I... I don't remember.


Volante: He does not remember.


Advocate Emiliana: Oh, you don't remember? You remember dates, times, locations, from marching orders, but you don't remember who you confiscated -bombs- and -poison- from?


<disturbance from the audience>


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian, distressed> No! I don't!


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Objection- Your Honor, at this point, she's badgering the witness. She's asked her backwards question.


Judge Harrington: Order in the court!


Chief Justicar Emeraude: May I approach, your Honor?


Judge Harrington: Approach the bench.


<private discussion between council and judge>


Judge Harrington: <to Emiliana> Move it along.

Judge Harrington: There will be order in my courtroom or my courtroom will be closed to the public.


Advocate Emiliana: Defense rests. No further questions.


Judge Harrington: You may step down, your Grace.


Duke Marcellio: <in Italian> Oh... thank you.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: The Defense calls on the Lord Chancellor Alonzo Fortini.


Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: I do.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: ...Your Excellency. Good evening.


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Chief Justice.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: I will make this concise... Did deliver a march of order to the former High Field Marshal Marcellio di Giordio in August of this year?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Yup.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Great. And what did the order of march contain, just so we can be sure we are speaking about the same thing?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Marching orders to Papia and Piacenza, the border between that and Rimini's holdings to quell an attempted land grab.

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Parma. I use shorthand in my records. Parma e Piacenza is PaPia in my records. Forgive me.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: ...It is easier to write that way, yes.


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Italians and their ninety-five words when one will suffice.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: We are an articulate people, hm? In any case.... One more question- can you confirm who wrote the order of march?


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Dominic di Ricchezza, King of Italy.

Lord Chancellor Alonzo: <to the King> Your Majesty.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Indeed. Thank you, Your Excellency. The Defense rests.


Advocate Emiliana: No questions.


Lord Chancellor Alonzo: Sounds good to me.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: The Defense calls Colonel Marko Umbraggio to the stand.


Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Colonel Marko: I swear.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Colonel, I understand you were amongst those who marched with His Grace in August?


Colonel Marko: Yes, ma'am. Though, I did not serve directly under the former High Field Marshal.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Of course. There is an order to things and many men serving and the like. Despite that fact and the fact that there are many, many, many men under the command of the High Field Marshal- many of whom who could easily claim to have seen him on the battlefield as the Advocate will no doubt point out, repeatedly, you are here to testify on His Grace's behalf despite not knowing him well. Why is that?


Colonel Marko: Well, ma'am... Because I spoke to him, face-to-face, at the border between the disagreeing lands. I was in need of his immediate assistance so I needed to seek him out directly, so I found him myself.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Would you please elaborate on what it is you needed and why?


Colonel Marko: Yes, ma'am. Happy to. Colonels have administrative duties that often include budgeting- supplies, food, equipment, the like. My assistant made a mistake and did not get a signature on an important financial document that would have gotten us funds for equipment for the men- the signature of the High Field Marshal di Giordio. I adopted the old adage and went to obtain it myself, in person. His Grace met with me promptly and signed the necessary paperwork.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: You provided that document for the Court. Your Honor, may I?


Judge Harrington: Please do.


Volante: An official looking financial report for the platoon located at the duchy of Parma and Piacenza. It bears the signature of the High Field Marshal di Giordio and is dated for August 29th Year 1603.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: No more questions.


Advocate Emiliana: Have you ever witnessed or heard reports from those many, many soldiers under the defendant about his temper or penchant for outbursts?


Colonel Marko: ...No, ma'am.


Advocate Emiliana: Prosecution rests.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: The Defense calls Lady Elle Boucheron.


Volante: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?


Lady Elle: I do.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Doctor, His Grace suffered an assault while incarcerated in the dungeons of the Palace... Can you tell us about the injuries he suffered?


Lady Elle: Marcellio was shackle to bars in dungeon with other prisoner. Other prisoner also shackle in this dungeon had shackle removed and attack Marcellio. Unable to defend self from attack, he suffer massive concussion from many blunrt force traumas to head. Also blunt trauma to chest result in break of ribs. Shackle combine with attack and attempt to defend result in many break to all bone of hand and finger, wrist, forearm, upper arm, e also dislocate of shoulder, all on right side, from attempt shield with dominant hand. Loss of consciousness was long in time. Patient continue to struggle with long term effect.

Lady Elle: Apology to court. It is one of worse case I handle.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: I can imagine. I read the reports with difficultly to finish- which is saying something. You mentioned long term effects... Could you elaborate, Doctor?


Lady Elle: Marcellio struggle with profound memory loss, dysfunction of cognitive for reading, write, language process, chronic migraine, dysfunction of vision, anxiety, vertigo e also loss of motion range and fine motor function in dominant hand.

Lady Elle: He cannot serve as soldier again, and if receive further injury to head, it is belief consequences could be worse, even death.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: ...So, you are saying that pertaining to dates and the like, things easily recorded on parchment, he may have some ease with, but otherwise, lapses in memory are likely?

Chief Justicar Emeraude: For example, in a city of fifty some thousand people, not remembering every single face you see even with a pristine memory, it will be even harder for someone with His Grace's condition?


Lady Elle: I have counsel patient to begin keep journal for memory because long term memory is effect as well as short term. Memory recall is delay e sometimes difficult, particularly in time of stress or strain. Especially in time of stress. Effect of stress on damage to brain is cause for concern.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Goodness... What a painful, unfortunate situation to be in, for him, his wife and those who care about them... No further questions.


Advocate Emiliana: Would someone suffering from amnesia in this fashion be susceptible to coercion or perversion of  the facts pertaining to memories they have difficulty recalling personally?


Lady Elle: Si. But they also would have difficultly remembering perverted fact correct too. Especially when your pervert fact does not match vague memory that come back.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Objection.


Advocate Emiliana: Withdrawn. No further questions.


Lady Elle: Grazie, you Honor e your Majesty.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: Absolutely withdrawn. You know better than to introduce arguments unethically and to make prejudicial statements about other attorneys to make a point, Advocate. Do. Better.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: The Defense has no further witnesses, Your Honor.


Judge Harrington: Prosecution will begin with closing statements.


Advocate Emiliana: The defendant stands accused of numerous crimes of a heinous nature. The defense has established a few facts without a shadow of a doubt. Yes, the defendant was out of town during the attempted murder. Yes, the defendant is respected among his peers. What the defense failed to do is establish reasonable doubt that the defendant could conspire to commit heinous acts, nor was doubt enough sown that he is innocent of violent acts like the aggravated assault on the Lord Chamberlain. We KNOW he had the means, because they are recorded in evidence. We KNOW he assaulted the Lord Chamberlain, because it was confirmed. We KNOW he had access, because it was confirmed. If these facts do no show beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is capable of and has committed those crimes he stands charged with, then I don't know what would.

Advocate Emiliana: That is all.


Chief Justicar Emeraude: My colleague is eager to state what I have failed to do yet hesitates to note that she has not offered a supplement for the conspiracy. Interesting, don't you think.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: Lords and Ladies of the Jury...

Chief Justicar Emeraude: The cornerstone of our defense is the lack of concrete evidence linking our client to the alleged crime. The prosecution has relied heavily on circumstantial evidence and assumptions, but they have failed to provide any direct proof of my client's guilt. Remember, the burden of proof rests on the prosecution, and it is not enough to simply speculate or present a plausible theory. The evidence must be solid and convincing. "Coulds" do not an attempted murder make. Moreover...

Chief Justicar Emeraude: The prosecution has attempted to paint my client, as well as other witnesses and even myself, in a negative light by suggesting motives that they have failed to substantiate with any concrete evidence. They have resorted to insinuations and baseless accusations without providing a single piece of reliable proof. Remember, it is not enough to merely speculate about a motive. *A motive must be established beyond a reasonable doubt*...

Chief Justicar Emeraude: We, the Defense, have also presented alternative explanations that are equally plausible and reasonable. There are other individuals who had the means and opportunity to commit the crime. We have even provided an unbiased eye witness and documentation that place my client outside of the city at the time of crime. All these factors contribute to reasonable doubt in this case.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: I urge you to remain objective, to set aside any biases or assumptions, and to reach a verdict based solely on the evidence presented in this courtroom.

Chief Justicar Emeraude: Thank you.


Judge Harrington: With that, the proceedings in the trial of the Royal Crown versus Duke Marcellio di Giordio. You have the week to deliberate. We will hear the verdict on Sunday at nine o'clock.

Judge Harrington: Please take the week to deliberate and provide your verdicts of guilty or not guilty on all four charges to jury leader Baroness Rose.

Judge Harrington: On Sunday, at nine, we will read the verdict and I will enter it accordingly to the record. His Majesty will then accept the verdict as is his right and wont to do.


Baroness Rose: Please, if we would like to speak in groups, do let me know and we shall collectively find time to do so.


Judge Harrington: Court is adjourned.



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After deliberation by a Jury of Peers, the verdict was announced on Sunday, October 3rd. Despite the Peers declaring a Not Guilty decision, His Majesty, in an unprecedented move, declared Marcellion di Giordio Guilty of all four charges and demanded he be immediately remanded to the dungeons of the palace to await sentencing. 


His Majesty also demanded Archduke Alonzo Fortini be held on house arrest for his supposed acts in relation to the above charges. 


It was also requested by His Majesty that Lady Persephone di Giordio be investigated for complicity.


The Courts thank you all for your service.