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Darlene McBharrias
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Sorry to even be writing this, but I feel like I must before I end up forgetting. Due to personal reason's (NOT GAME!) I have decided to quit Allegory of Empires. It has been fun and I have enjoyed the game on most RP situations. I will keep my account, in case I ever decide to return, but will delete all characters to start fresh. Most know that I will be attending school again (nursing) and have been given a second chance at doing this, because I failed the first semester this Spring. So I need a fresh restart and in order to keep my attention on what it needs to be on (school, family, life) I have to put this game to an end. Another thing is, I been playing this game for years and even though I have loved it, it is time for me to call it quits because it does take time and effort that I no longer have in order to stay. Thank you all, players and staffers, for making this game possible and making it enjoyable. 

Darlene, Sonia, Richard, Oakley, and Greta's player.

Just please bluebook that all my characters had to leave town for IC. 

Thank you

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Mostly going to miss Oakley and Sonia.