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Just a heads up...

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Just letting you AoE players know that if you don't see Darlene or any of my various alts (if you know who they are or have a general idea, can't reveal due to the rules) that I will be starting school May 25th. Recently I tried nursing school and failed. I failed due to personal reason, but now I got things under control and hope this time I succeed. I was lucky enough to get accepted again. Which, will bring me to starting it all over again on the 25th of this month. Some (or all) may know that Summer courses are hard due to the shortened time frame. So I may or may not be able to log on from May 28th to Aug 5th. I will try my best to bring Darlene and my others out during this time frame, but if I am unable to, I apologize. 

On a second note, I will get a short break before I continue in August (If I pass the first semester this time) again. So during that break, I will be back.

Finally, until I start back... I am still here, unless the weather (*blames Hughesnet* <_< I do plan on getting a different provider soon) or family issues come back up.


Thanks for reading my fellow players!

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