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New Website Launch Date

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After many months of work, I am happy to announce that the new website will be launching on February 8th. 

This process is not expected to take very long and should work seamlessly without any issues in connectivity but out of an abundance of caution, I will make the following suggestions:

- refrain from posting any forum posts or replies on this date

- in the event of a catastrophic failure requiring a rollback, refrain from lessons, crafting, or any important in game messages on this date

- if at all possible, make payments for account memberships and stp purchases the day before or the day after, but not on this date to avoid potential communication issues between the site and these outside systems


Your login in information will remain the same, the forums will remain intact and your forum accounts will transfer with the new site. Internal DNS settings should update automatically, but in the event you run into connectivity issues after the launch, clearing your browser's cache and history should help. 

We are very excited for you all to see our new site!!