So... about Darlene...
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So... about Darlene...

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Darlene McBharrias
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Some of you may or may not know Darlene, but for those who have RPed with her, just know she is still around. I'm going through a difficult time in RL, which is called nursing school, although my home life is perfect, nursing school is taking it all out on me. I still try to log her on and RP her, but some days I only log her on to check the mail. Anyhoo! Happy Gaming!

Toddia reacted
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Hey! My little sister is a nurse, I remember how hard the school was for her. I can't relate personally, but I do remember having to remind my sister to take care of herself and no matter what nursing school makes you feel - remember you're doing great and better than you think you are.


You got this, and we will be around to welcome you back when you have the bandwidth again for the game <3

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