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Trading Stalls in the Market

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Hiiiiii!!!! *psychotic jazz hands* 


So, it's come to my attention that at least one person has been playing this game for more than a year, and never knew that that stalls in the market existed, let alone how to operate them. 


What - stalls within each of the Market areas (the place with the npcs that sell things from plant seeds, to meat cuts, eggs, milk, and spices, etc.) where you can sell anything you wish to put up for sale.


Where - 3 paces north of the fountain, one pace west from there, at the area that looks like this -  (wherever the hell/if that image decides to upload 🙄 ).


How to use - 'put my X in (first, second third, or fourth - [each market area contains four stalls]) stall 'amount'


Example - put my purse in first stall '24


- You'll then receive a feedback message which reads something like so

'You set your tan suede purse to sell for 25 florins.

As this table has a usage cost of 1 florin you will be making 24 florins from this sale.

You put a tan suede purse in a wooden market stall.


If you flub something up, and put the wrong thing, the wrong price, etc. you can just take whatever you've put in there right back out and start over. 

(There are also windows in various shops that act the same as the stalls - Enjoy!)


That is all! 🙂


 *dips back into the void*