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Infirmary Events  


Darlene McBharrias
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17/11/2020 10:02 pm  

Good Evening Rinascita citizens. I wish to announce that I will hold Infirmary events for anyone who wishes to attend to get medical attention should they require it. I will post them here and on the event calendar. If anyone needs medical attention, I will only charge half my normal price for those who attend. I am only a nurse, so I can only do so much, if there is something that needs to be done beyond my capabilities at the moment, I will refer you to one of our good Doctors. 


My usual rates are:

Wound Cleanser/Numbing Cream/ Bandage = 2

Wound Cleanser/Numbing Cream/Sew/Bandage =6

Wound Cleanser/Numbing Cream/Use of maggots/Sew/Bandage = 10

*No matter how severe, these are the prices.


My discount rates for attending:

Wound Cleanser/Numbing Cream/ Bandage = 1

Wound Cleanser/Numbing Cream/Sew/Bandage =3

Wound Cleanser/Numbing Cream/Use of maggots/Sew/Bandage = 5


If florins is a problem at the time of service, it is okay. I can do a 'payment plan' of sorts and we can mutually agree to a plan of either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment installments if need be. 


Current Infirmary events are as follows:



Darlene McBharrias
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Joined: 4 weeks ago
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17/11/2020 10:06 pm  

On November 25, 1600 I will host an Infirmary event at 4 o'clock in the evening at the San Pietro hospital. All are welcome.

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