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12/05/2020 3:12 pm  

Due to real life circumstances, my characters and I will be stepping away from AoE. It's been a blast and I'm really going to miss a lot of you. I'm sorry to Persephone and Thalia and anyone in the City Guard. Thanks for all the laughter and tears. Keep telling great stories and remember be good to one another, especially the staff.

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12/05/2020 3:51 pm  

It's sad to see you go. Samir will be missed <3 

Running with scissors

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12/05/2020 5:55 pm  

I am so exceptionally sad to read this.  I have completely loved getting to know Samir and all his depth and always excited to see your name on the who.  You were a hoot both ic and ooc.  There are moments with Samir I will likely remember for ages and I am going to miss his calming, caring, silly and deep chats.  


I hope whatever your real life circumstance are sort themselves out good for you.  Please know you will be missed and if you ever need to talk or chat please feel free to poke me.  And if you ever feel like coming back know there will always be a spot for you and Thalia would be ecstatic <3

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12/05/2020 6:17 pm  

I am so sad to see you go! I loved our scenes together with Margrat and Samir. I loved training with Samir and listening to his wise advice. I loved how he was always calm, coolheaded and compassionate. I will miss him lot. I wish you the best with your real life, and if you ever want to come back to AoE, please know that we'd all love to have you!