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06/06/2020 1:56 pm  
> Levison examines the dry ground.
> You check with Levison, "Onward? Or do you have a want?"
> OOC -- Levison says, "far in the distance, you see a tree gecko" ok f-cking Legolas"

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16/06/2020 11:59 pm  
> Persephone shifts her wide hazel green eyes.
> Persephone nods, "Dead."
> You attach your soul to Persephone ghostly.
> Persephone slaps your soul away.
> You cling to Persephone with your soul.
> Persephone exercises your soul, "Away, beast of from the world."
> You bleed your soul onto Persephone.
> You infectiously herald with your soul.
> Persephone buckles under your soul, "Nuuuu!!"
> You press your soul into Persephone heavily.
> You pin Persephone with your soul.
> Persephone melds with your soul unwillingly, "Nuuu I'm turning into a gingeeerrrr."
> Persephone gargles.
> Persephone moves from Thalia to the whitewashed floor.
> Persephone sinks into the whitewashed floor.
> You tint Persephone's tumbling tresses of soft ash blonde hair rosily.
> You redden Persephone's tumbling tresses of soft ash blonde hair soullessly.
> Persephone ded.
> The scene fades to black.

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20/06/2020 12:07 am  
> Persephone unbandages Thalia's bandaged left armpit.
> Persephone begins to diagnose Thalia.
> Persephone finishes diagnosing Thalia.
> Persephone pauses, "Oh."
> Thalia tilts her head at Persephone's words now, "...Oh?"
> Persephone glimpses to Thalia's face, "So don't hate me... But..."
> Thalia fears Persephone low-key.
> Thalia whines at Persephone instantly, "No!"
> Thalia scampers from Persephone backward.
> Persephone rummages in her healers bag, "Thalia Solandis, you sit down right now. Your armpit is infected."
> You glance startledly at Thalia.
> Dame Ava widens her sharp deep blue eyes owlishly, "...oh no, you don't need to use the bugs do..."
> Dame Ava trails her words.
> Thalia pushes herself over a beech bed, "Nope! Let me die!"
> Persephone stares hard at Thalia.
> You sigh at Thalia.
> Dame Ava pales her face somewhat, "...Oh goodness."
> You ask Persephone, "Dae ye need Ava an' me tae hold her doon?"
> Thalia stands up behind a beech bed.
> Persephone guilts Thalia shamelessly, "Thalia. I've had a bad week. Can we just do this?"
> Thalia moves from a beech bed to Persephone.
> Thalia pauses herself at Persephone's words barely.
> Dame Ava attemptingly comforts Thalia, "It probably that long?"
> Dame Ava furrows her forehead sympathetically.
> A large thickset woman hands a jar of maggots to Persephone.
> Thalia glimpses between Persephone, you and Dame Ava.
> Dame Ava murmurs to Thalia apologetically, "You poor thing."
> Thalia whines at Dame Ava low-key.
> Persephone takes a surgical thread and a stitching needle from her healers bag.
> Dame Ava moves from a large set of double doors leading west to Thalia.
Thalia gasps at Persephone's surgical thread, "Noooooo."
> Dame Ava sinks her heart to Thalia entirely, "I don't think there is another way Miss Thalia."
> Persephone notes too to Thalia, "And I'll definitely have Margrat hold you down."
> You say soothingly to Thalia, "Joost dinna look at th' things, aye? Pretend tha' they arena e'en there. Pretend tha' it joost be sweet, spring caterpillars, playin' on ye, wha' makes th' crawlin', aye?"
> Thalia flicks her warmhearted gaze to you.
> Thalia gags at your words almost.
> Dame Ava shushes at Thalia soft-spokenly, "Just try not to look. It will be worse if you look."
> OOC -- Persephone says, "Omg I laughed so hard"
> OOC -- Thalia says, "Omg. I cant"
> OOC -- Persephone says, "XD Spring caterpillars. I can't lmao"
@ooc "Margrat tries so hard to be helpful XD
> OOC -- Thalia says, "Hold on. I really can't breath"
> OOC -- Persephone will be away from her keyboard, "I have to pee now"
> OOC -- You say, "Lol"
@ooc "Lol
> Dame Ava thinks that is marginally better than maggots.

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23/06/2020 8:12 pm  
You pick Arlo's angular nose with your right index fingertip.
You shove your right index fingertip into Arlo's firm mouth.
You dub Arlo then, "Booger eater."

"One hairdresser does not an olive branch make" -Archduke Alonzo

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01/07/2020 11:39 pm  
OOC -- You say, "Actually, around this time period, in colonial areas, life was so brutally hard that a woman was often widowed several times, and would acquire a pretty tidy sum of money each time a husband died. Or so I read somewhere. But, this isn't a colony."
> OOC -- Ava says, "I'm regretting my choices of not taking assassin. I could have had Ava widowed over and over..."
> OOC -- Ava says, "XD"
> OOC -- Ava says, "Jk"
> OOC -- You say, "OMG, you just made me laugh so loud!! XD"

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07/07/2020 1:48 am  

 Levison wraps his arms around you uninvitedly.
 You widen your round pale blue eyes owlishly.
 You stare at Persephone alarmedly.
 Levison lifts you onto his right shoulder, "You are adopted."
 You meep followingly.
 Persephone smirks at Levison's words helplessly.
 Persephone laments to you, "I might be jealous."


Levison readjusts you relaxedly, "You are making this far more difficult than need-be."
Persephone notes to Levison, "You could ti her up and put her in the wagon."
pause briefl
You pause briefly.
 You snort at Levison, "Did you expec-"
You flatten your round pale blue eyes at Persephone.
Levison glimpses at Persephone, "We could."
Persephone bats her eyelashes at you.


 You call uselessly, "Pineapple!"

I died at these <.< And all the pieces in between and after

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08/07/2020 3:02 pm  

Levison nods to the Piazza Vecchia fountain, "You there are a mystery book, yes."

You doubt Levison, "I think I am pretty open?"

You suggest to Levison instead, "Romance or adventure? Intrigue ?"

Levison lists to you kindly, "I do not understand romance. I do not want to adventure your body and nor am I intruiged by you."

You stare at Levison flatly.

You dust your cheeks rosily, "I wont be offended by any of that

You doubt your words

Lord Trevyn laughs helplessly.

Lord Trevyn grins at Levison, "I do hope that was not intended as insult...but as a high compliment."

Lord Trevyn says, "A compliment to her fidelity and your respect thereof...."

Lord Trevyn grins at Levison, "Otherwise, you just told her that she is unattractive, uninteresting, and simply just troulesome."


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