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Wynter is Deleted
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Wynter is Deleted  


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24/12/2019 2:59 pm  

Not that it will make much of a difference or that it matters to anyone, clearly. But Wynter is deleted, it has been hard with juggling real life and trying to insert myself back into a game that seems to not really want me back, so I've taken then hint and I'm moving on.

To Staff, the game is beautiful and I love what you've done with the theme, the storyline and the richness of it - I just don't fit among the players anymore and I recognize that it is time to step away. Keep up the good work, I hope the game remains successful as it seems to already be.

Wynter's handler.

Lady Wynter Moira Donovan

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24/12/2019 10:23 pm  

I am so sorry you don't feel welcomed or wanted! That makes me very sad. I just started playing for the first time on December 1st. My character, Margrat Maclean, had heard of Lady Wynter, but had not had the chance to meet her. I hope you find games and communities that welcome you, and I am so sorry that you had this hurtful experience. Have a Happy Holiday, and may the New Year be bright for you and bring you much joy.

~Margrat's player

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24/12/2019 11:38 pm  

I wish Ava could have interacted with Wynter more and helped you feel more welcome, and I'm so sorry that you didn't feel like a part of the player community *hugs*. I hope you'll come back and play in the future, even if it's with a new character! 

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