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08/07/2020 2:07 pm  

I want to make several apologies.

First off, I'm sorry for breaking the TOS. I was unaware that alt/staff revealing/claiming was against the TOS, but that was my fault. I'm pretty sure I skipped or skimmed reading the TOS because I had assumed that it contained only the usual bunch of legal jargon and common sense "don't be a dick" rules. That was an oversight on my part.

Secondly, I want to apologize to Emeraude and Thalia's players for saying that I thought they were staff in the Discord chat. Rule breaking aside, that was not an appropriate place to say that.

To Emeraude's player: I let my temper get the better of me, big time. My behavior was inappropriate. I am sorry for the wrong things that I said to you.

To Thalia's player: It was Emeraude's player who I got really mad at in the Discord chat, but I lashed out at you as well. That was really unfair to you, since you were trying to keep the peace during the whole argument. I'm sorry for dragging you into it the way I did, and I'm sorry for the wrong things I said to you.

To the AoE Discord chat group in general:

I am sorry for erupting the volcano of my boiling wrath into what is supposed to be a safe and respectful space for players to talk together. I ought to at least have had the consideration to take my issues into DMs, so as not to drag all of you along with me in my increasingly spiteful and mud-slinging quarrel.

Finally, I want apologize to staff. I am sorry for causing you extra work with my disruption of the chat group. I know you are all plenty busy already, and I really do appreciate all of the hard work and good things you have all put into Allegory of Empires.

That's all, folks.

~Margrat's player