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Jayland stepping down

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I have decided to have Jayland give up the leadership role in the Scottish Consolate due to realsons largely rooted in the Real World.


Mostly, where I work, despite starting a second shift in May, is about to dive headlong into a weekly schedual that is both massive and time consuming--enough to leave me totally tired when reaching home that all I want to do is eat and go to bed.  For any Consulant to work in this game, it needs it's leader there, making decisions and dealing with matters--not somebody that's AWOL.


Then there's also a more pleasent possibilty that I wont get into here, since things are still up in the air.  But there is a darker matter that involves how my time ended at Castle Marrach--when I was once in charge of Carpentry, until a player that I had heavily trusted broke that trust just because they didn't like a player that I was helping.  


That is starting to happen here again, so Jayland called for a Leadership vote and soon he'll no longer be in charge and back to the Carpentry shop.

At least things don't end in another ugly mess.


Jayland's player.