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Looking for Advice

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Ok,  I need to get Scotland back on the map in this Game, and I'm finally getting around to figuring out how.

Getting out more is something I need to do, though work and fiction writing will cut into the time.

Sponcering an event is also on the table.  But would people go for figurines that are modeled on the Royals and other noteworthy citizens of the City?


So, any suggestions?


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Events are always a good bet, even casual easy ones like getting together to play games or share food. Larger scale events get a good attendance as well. Dances, balls, auctions. Those require a little more planning and forethought but the best bet on event lead time is usually around two weeks. 

Meetings for the consulate members and any groups or guilds you might sponsor help as well. Discussing current events, upcoming plans, et cetera. 

Getting out and about will help you find guilds to sponsor as well as potential new consulate members to recruit, which will help with your access to auction items as well. You can find those items you are able to put on the auction house under the @guild page. 

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