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Account Wipe Announcement

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Account Wipe Announcement

As part of the contractual agreement with Skotos and to remain in compliance with various privacy laws, Allegory of Empires will be conducting an account wipe at the end of the year 2020. The specifications for which accounts need to be wiped from the database are as follows:

1 - They HAVE NOT played since the start of the new login system; and
2 - They HAVE NOT paid since the start of the new login system; and

What does this mean for current players? Not much, since you meet at least one of the above criteria. For those that have not logged in, all login details will be wiped. This does not wipe characters from the database. We will be wiping characters after the account wipe has been completed.

The reason for posting this is to hopefully rely on the grapevine and word of mouth to get the news out to those players who have not yet logged into Allegory of Empires. Given the nature of our community, we often maintain contact with those we have played with in the past, so we are hoping that you will be able to reach out among your contacts and spread the word.

After the end of the year 2020, we will wipe all characters that have not transferred from IcO and we will no longer be allowing rerolls on former IcO characters. Those who have not yet played but wish to transfer their characters over while the opportunity remains are encouraged to do so sooner rather than later.