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Creative Arts Collection - Call for Entries

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To celebrate the upcoming two year anniversary of Allegory of Empires, we are excited to announce a call for entries for a creative arts collection!


All entries are due October 11th, 2021. You can submit as many entries as you wish, but due to space constraints, not all entries will be published in the PDF collection to be released on the anniversary date of  November 1st.


Written works can include poetry, short stories, screenplays, essays, articles, song lyrics, or other written works not to exceed 3,000 words in length. 


Visual arts can include portraits, sketches, logos, landscapes, or any other visual format in whatever medium you are most comfortable working with, including digital works.


Please send all entries to staff AT allegoryofempires DOT com before October 1st. 


High resolution images are preferred for visual arts. We reserve the right to edit all written works for errors and length. Entries will be published online in various formats including a PDF collection as well as across various social media platforms with credit given to the original creator. Please include the name you wish to include in publication (even if it is just a character name) and if you desire, social media links to tag the piece at the time of publication.


We look forward to seeing all your entries!