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Going out of business

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I'll be closing up shop and heading back home soon but I wanted to find a home for all my crafting materials before I go since I can't take it with me. I have lumber, lacquer, stone, and dye. If you're interested in any of these just write your name below! First come first serve.

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Master Christian, 


From one master of our crafts to another, I would be delighted were you to honor me with the gift of your materials. I would be sure to put them to good use, lest it was your intention to leave them to someone who is in need. If such is the case, please disregard. 


Wishing you Many happy new beginnings wherever your feet may take you,



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*a very small note posted off to the side*


I will not request all of  the merchandise but if you would be willing to permit me to acquire some, I would appreciate it. I have recently taken woodcarving as a hobby and thus would put it to at least some use. 


Huntsman Levison