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Silent Auction

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In honor of the generosity and giving spirit of the holiday season, we are extending the silent auction through the New Year. Send your bids for each item number to Ladies Emeraude or Emmaline and we will post the totals every night. We will continue taking bids until midnight on January 1st. Winners will be announced after the last bid is received on January 1st.

The items are as follows:

Item 1: Uncut purple-streaked verdigris glass- 5ct, average quality.

Item 2: Crucible steel rod- 10 feet, magnificent quality.

Item 3: Applewood lumber- 10 cords, average quality.

Item 4: Uncut onyx- 5ct, unsurpassed quality.

Item 5: Uncut peridot- 5ct, unsurpassed quality.

Item 6: Uncut jade- 5ct, unsurpassed quality.

Item 7 was donated by Percival Whyte of Whyte's Tailoring and Company:

An emerald-studded gold-flecked green cisele velvet tapestry of the Birth of Venus:

An interpretation of the scene of the Birth of Venus covers the fabric in a myriad of pastel hues that stand in stark contrast to the dark green background of the piece itself. Most prominent at the center of the tapestry is a female figure in the nude, her body stitched in a smooth pattern of cream silk stitches to give the illusion of soft skin as she covers herself with her hands in an attempt to remain modest. She stands upon a seashell that floats atop the water, faint lines of blue stitching giving just an essence of the water before fading into the background. At either side of this figure, two angels in flowing robes hover poised in midair, their wings detailed in cream silk thread to give a realistic feathered texture to each outstretched appendage. The angel on the left wears robes in pale green, the folds billowing in the wind as he reaches outright with splayed fingers. To the right, an angel in pale rose robes holds out a robe in copper color, the hue matching the coruscating waves of Venus' hair that seem to billow behind her in the same ocean breeze that gives dynamic movement to the prolific fabric folds detailed on the tapestry. The remainder of the background is far less detailed in nature, sparse stitching and accents giving the illusion of the horizon, shoreline, and distant trees to the otherwise negative space, allowing the gold-flecked green velvet to remain visible in sumptuous color and texture.
- A small maker's mark indicates that this item was crafted by Percival.
The emerald-studded gold-flecked green cisele velvet tapestry appears to be of unsurpassed quality.


Please send the item number and your bid to either Lady Emmaline or Lady Emeraude.


God bless.

Lady Emeraude di Notte, Countess of Genoa
Mistress of Robes to the Queen of Italy
Reeve of the Italian Consulate

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We have received a number of bids so far and the highest bids for the items are as follows;

Item 1: Uncut purple-streaked verdigris glass 25 florins

Item 2: Crucible steel rod 55 florins

Item 3: Applewood lumber 72 florins

Item 4: Uncut onyx 25 florins

Item 5: Uncut peridot 25 florins

Item 6: Uncut jade 25 florins

Item 7: An emerald-studded gold-flecked green cisele velvet tapestry 75 florins


We will be taking bids until midnight on January 1st. Please send your bids to Lady Emeraude or Lady Emmaline at your earliest convenience!

Lady Emmaline Beaumont