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Solomons, Ltd - Carpentry Wares

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Solomons, Ltd. provides quality carpentry wares with a dedication to fast and reliable service.


AVAILABLE WARES (unit cost in parenthesis)



beds (10) - bed, canopy bed, four poster bed, ornate bed, sleigh bed, trundle bed

benches (2) - bench, chaise bench, circular bench, low-back bench, settee bench, settle bench, storage bench 

chairs (2) - armchair, cabriole chair, camel-back chair, caquetoire chair, chair, commode, curule chair, high-back chair, rocking chair, sling-back chair, tufted chair, watchman chair, wing chair

couches (5) - cabriole couch, camel-back couch, couch, day bed, tufted couch, vasser couch

stools (1) - bar stool, low-back stool, ottoman, stool

tables (3) - coffee table, desk, gateleg table, low table, nightstand, round table, scroll table, side table, table, trestle table, work table, writing table

bowl (2)

chopping board (3)

cot (2)

cradle (3)

crib (4)

fireplace (10)

folding screen (3)

footstool (1)

mantel (5)

pitcher (3)

plate (1)

shutters (3)

spoon (1)

sudare (3)



cabinets (3) - cabinet, corner cabinet, cupboard, curio cabinet 

chests (3) - blanket chest, chest, coffer, dowry chest, traveller chest, treasure chest 

crates (1) - crate, huge crate, large crate, medium crate, small crate, tack box

racks (3) - armor rack, clothing rack, gun rack, hat rack, rack, shoe rack, spice rack, weapon rack, wine rack

vanities (5) - dovetail vanity, inset vanity

armoire (5)

bar (5)

barrel (3)

bookshelf (3)

cigar box (2)

coat stand (3)

display case (5)

dresser (5)

dye cubby (4)

fabric chest (4)

flat box (2)

gem cubby (4)

hair cubby (4)

healers kit (2)

jewelry box (2)

long counter (5)

lumber box (3)

metal locker (6)

mini bar (3)

painter kit (2)

paper crate (3)

scroll case (2)

sewing box (2)

spool box (2)

spool rack (4)

stone cargo cart (8)

surgical kit (2)

tea caddy (2)

trunk (4)

wagon (3)

wall shelf (2)

wardrobe (5)

writer kit (2)



boards (10) - ceiling planks, floorboards, parquet flooring, wall planks

paneling (10) - ceiling paneling, coffered ceiling paneling, paneling, wall paneling, wainscot paneling

shields (5) - buckler, heater shield, kite shield, shield, tower shield 

arrow (1)

bolt (1)

broom (1)

bucket (1)

carding combs (1)

club (1)

coffin (4)

countermarch loom (10)

dagger sheath (2)

dress form (3)

drop spindle (0.5)

easel (2)

embossing stylus (0.5)

fishing rod (2)

frame loom (2)

haft (2)

hat block (2)

hilt (1)

hoof pick (1)

inkwell (2)

knitting needles (1)

ladder (4)

large barrel (5)

longbow (3)

longsword scabbard (3)

mallet (1.5)

mannequin (3)

mop (1)

mortar (1)

paint palette (2)

pestle (1)

plane (1.5)

short bow (3)

short staff (1.5)

shortsword scabbard (3)

soft brush (1)

staff (2)

stiff brush (1)

sword blade (3)

training barrel (1)

truncheon (1)



arm splint (1)

backscratcher (1)

basin (2)

cane (2)

chamber pot (2)

comb (1)

crutches (2)

hairbrush (1)

leg splint (1)

peg (1)



hairsticks (1) - hairsticks, paddle hairsticks, serpent hairsticks

bangle (2)

bead (0.5)

button (0.5)

cane (2)

hand fan (1)

pattens (2)

picnic basket (2)

pipe (0.5)

rosary ring (1)



cup-and-ball (1)

die (1)

figurine (0.5)

hobby dray (2)

hoop-and-stick (2)

mask (1)

puppet (2)

rocking courser (3)

toy-top (1)

yo-yo (1)



angel, angelica, ape, armadillo, armorsmith, assassin, badger, bear, boar, bodyguard, borage, bull, butterfly, camel, cat, cherub, chicken, circle, comedy, cow, daisy, dancer, dilettante, dog, dormouse, dragon, dragonfly, eagle, fairy, falcon, ferret, fish, fisherman, fox, goat, guard, hairdresser, horse, hummingbird, kangaroo, kestrel, koala, leprechaun, lion, lioness, mercenary, merchant, mermaid, mermaid, mink, monkey, mouse, musician, otter, owl, painter, pegasus, pickpocket, pigeon, platypus, polar bear, porcupine, priest, rabbit, raccoon, ram, rat, rhinoceros, rodent, scholar, scout, sea-serpent, shark, sheep, skeleton, skink, skunk, sloth, snake, soldier, spider, square, squire, squirrel, star, tailor, thief, thug, tiger, tiki, triangle, tuatara, unicorn, vixen, vulture, weaponsmith, weasel, witch, wizard, wolf, wolverine



angelica, ape, armadillo, badger, bear, boar, borage, bull, bumblebee, butterfly, carnation, carpenter, cat, cherub, comedy, comhach, courtesan, cow, criminal, crow, daisy, dog, dragonfly, fairy, falcon, ferret, fisherman, fox, goat, gorath, guard, hairdresser, healer, horse, hummingbird, jeweler, kangaroo, kitten, koala, ladybug, laurel, lily, lion, lioness, merchant, mermaid, miner, mink, monkey, mouse, musician, noble, otter, painter, peacock, pigeon, platypus, polar bear, porcupine, priest, puppy, rabbit, raccoon, ram, rat, rhinoceros, rodent, sea serpent, seahorse, seamstress, shark, sheep, skeleton, skink, skunk, sloth, smith, soldier, spider, squire, squirrel, sunflower, thug, tiki, tulip, unicorn, vixen, vulture, weasel, witch doctor, wolf, wolverine, woodcutter



acacia, acorn, amaryllis, anchor, angelfish, ankh, ant, axe, baroque, barrel, beehive, beetle, berry, bi-cone, boat, bottle, butterfly, candy, castle, caterpillar, cauldron, chrysanthemum, cicada, circular, clam, cloud, crab, cross, crown, dagger, daisy, destrier, doughnut, dragon, dragonfly, drum, elephant, elliptical, eyeball, fairy, firefly, flat, fleur-de-lis, frog, hexegram, horseshoe, jellyfish, lantern, leaf, lily, lizard, lotus, moon, mosquito, moth, mountain, mushroom, nugget, octogram, octopus, orchid, oval, pegasus, pentacle, pillow, pipe, pistol, quill, rectangular, rose, round, scorpion, scroll, seashell, skink, skull, snowflake, spherical, spider, spiral, square, star, sunflower, sword, teardrop, thorn, triangular, triquetra, violin, wasp, windmill, wing

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MATERIALS (price per unit)

6 florins - fir, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, willow 

8 florins - alder, ash, beech, birch, cedar, juniper 

10 florins - balsa, cherry, elm, pine

12 florins - sycamore

16 florins - mahogany, purpleheart, yew 

18 florins - walnut

20 florins - holly 

24 florins - spruce 

34 florins - zebrawood 

56 florins - teak 

70 florins - ebony 

RARE MATERIALS (price per unit)

16 florins - bur oak (10 units, outstanding quality) 

16 florins - golden brown cork oak (6 units, average quality)

20 florins - black pine (13 units, good quality)

80 florins - pale moon ebony (10 units, very good quality) 


6 florins - various colors available


Labor fee - 20 florins per item (applicable only when the customer provides materials)

Engravings - 10 florins each