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~ The Needle and Rose - Clothing Atelier ~  


Valeria d'Allessandro
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28/03/2020 2:05 pm  

*the following is scribed on a crisp, creamy linen paper scroll, which is embossed at the top with the profile of a rose struck through with two diagonally opposed needles*



~*~ The Needle and Rose ~*~

~ Clothing atelier ~


I am pleased to announce the official opening of The Needle and Rose. It is a business that specializes in a high level of care and attention to detail in each garment, and providing a welcoming, creative setting to aid clientele in developing their own personal style. An outfit can say more than a thousand words about a person, and the creation of such a statement is an art form. Private consultations and personalized fittings, as well as constant communication during the process of creation are all ways that we work towards such.

We provide appropriate elegance for all, and strive to empower our clientele to feel comfortable and beautiful, no matter their rank or age. Each garment is a work of art, and respected as such. No one piece is pre-crafted, and each seam and hem is worked with the finest quality of craftsmanship possible.


~Valeria d’Allessandro

Seamstress and Owner of The Needle and Rose



Regarding orders: Orders are restricted to ladies garments only, for the foreseeable future.

Please write to Valeria d’Allessandro to indicate interest.



~Those who have skills in the tailoring of men’s garments and are searching for a place of employment are welcomed and encouraged to write me for an interview for a position in the business~