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There are numerous ways to get in contact with staff members. Staff members will show as “Staff” in the who list and will be titled StoryHost, StoryBuilder, StoryCoder, or StoryGuide depending on their role.


Help Tickets

The following out-of-character commands file help tickets for staff.


This command is used for general inquires, concerns, or requests.

Syntax: @assist ‘your inquiry/concern/request here


This command is used to report bugs found in the game. Please be as detailed as possible when using this command.

Syntax: @bug ‘description of the bug you found here


This command is used to suggest ideas for the game. Submitting an idea does not guarantee that it will be implemented in the game.

Syntax: @idea ‘your idea here


This command is used to suggest new verbs and adverbs to be added to the parser. Submitting a parser suggestion does not guarantee that it will be implemented in the game.


@social verb ‘verb (must be one word)

@social adverb ‘adverb (must be one word)

@social change ‘your suggested change here (use for suggestions for changes to existing parser options)

@social other ‘your text here (use for things that do not apply to the above options)


This command is used for storypoint purchase requests.

Syntax: @storypoints ‘your storypoint request here


This command is used to report typos.

Syntax: @typo ‘details about the typo here


Interacting Directly with Staff


This command sends a message directly to a staff member. If a staff member does not show on the who list, do not use this command unless you are responding to a page from that staff member. This command is not intended for general conversation.

Syntax: @page name ‘your text here

Example: @page kjell ‘The key for my room isn’t working.


Current Staff Members

Roo –
Topsy –

Topsy –
Kjell –
Nixie –
Karma –

Roo –

Roo –
Topsy –
Kjell –