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Become a part of the fabric of a living, breathing storyline and the community who crafts it, immersing yourself in the artistry of creative writing with like-minded individuals all working together to tell tales of mystery, intrigue, and more. 

Become a part of the story

Join in as a part of the interactive story and watch as it unfolds

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Join the Allegory of Empires today and become a vital thread in the fabric of the story as it unfolds before your very eyes; a tale filled with love, loss, mystery, and above all else, growth. Deception and intrigue hide in a web as twisted as the city streets, where answers lead only to more questions as you navigate this treacherous world of politics and power that is neither black nor white, but awash in shades of grey.

Allegory of Empires is an independent community dedicated to the art of storytelling through immersive text-based roleplay. This Renaissance-era theater boasts tiered social systems, comprehensive classes, and overarching storylines that invite players to take part in the tale as it unfolds while exploring through their own unique experiences. Highly customizable crafting and a complex combat system complement player-run guilds and staff-supported loyalties, allowing you the freedom to create a character with a unique story of their own.

Dedicated support staff are always available and the game will always be free to play. Join us today and become a valued member of our community as we come together to embrace the art of storytelling.


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Join today for a chance to become a part of an interactive story with players from around the world, working together to tales as diverse and varied as the player base itself.