The year is 1600 in Italy and the Age of Rebirth is in full swing. The seat of power resides in the trade city of Rinascita, a thriving and flourishing capital city filled with art, culture, trade and beyond all else, money and power. Though the King of Italy and the Pope of the Catholic Church appear to hold all the power, the other nations have their sights set on taking some -- or all -- of it for their own. Beneath this subtle dance of Empires, the people of the city too have a desire to stake their claim, pronounce their worth and stand equal among their fellows as peers.

Will you join the game of the Court in their intricate dance of power and struggle or will you stake your claim among the commoners vying for their share of the wealth and power this brilliant city has to offer? Join the Allegory of the Empires to tell your tale as the story unfolds in a wondrous web of love, lies, power and wealth.

What is a multiplayer prose roleplaying game?

A prose roleplay game is similar to a multi-user dungeon except played with a text-based interface--which some consider to be a more immersive experience.

Interaction happens in real time with real people around the world!

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