Welcome to Allegory of Empires

Join the Allegory of Empires today and become a vital thread in the fabric of the story as it unfolds before your very eyes; a tale filled with love, loss, mystery, and above all else, growth. Deception and intrigue hide in a web as twisted as the city streets, where answers lead only to more questions as you navigate this treacherous world of politics and power that is neither black nor white, but awash in shades of grey.
Allegory of Empires is an independent community dedicated to the art of storytelling through immersive text-based roleplay. This Renaissance-era theater boasts tiered social systems, comprehensive classes, and overarching storylines that invite players to take part in the tale as it unfolds while exploring through their own unique experiences. Highly customizable crafting and a complex combat system complement player-run guilds and staff-supported loyalties, allowing you the freedom to create a character with a unique story of their own.
Dedicated support staff are always available and the game will always be free to play. Join us today and become a valued member of our community as we come together to embrace the art of storytelling.

Explore a dynamic and ever-evolving world

The world of Allegory of Empires is a vibrant and dynamic setting filled with lore and mystery. Will you become a part of the political landscape and stake your claim among the Royal Court, or will you seek the dark alleys and the secrets that hide there? Do the forests and fields call your name or do you seek the comfort of a home all your own? It’s all up to you! 

Immersive Roleplay Environment

Allegory of Empires is an immersive roleplaying arena where characters step into the story, learning and becoming a part of the tale as it unfolds in real time with other players from around the world. 

Comprehensive Source Material

History, lore, and source materials are readily available to help players understand and navigate the unique story being told in the setting, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the world as easily as possible. 

Create a character that becomes a part of the story

The magic of storytelling is at your fingertips and you have the power to create a character as vibrant and detailed as the setting you’ll play in. Explore the options to develop a character full of depth and dimension. Will you choose to take up arms to defend your nation? Or do you seek to live the life of an artisan or craftsperson? Your imagination is the only limit in AoE! 

Highly Customizable Characters

Players have the ability to customize their characters in multiple ways, giving you the freedom to develop a persona as unique as you while exploring the history and setting of the game world around you. 

Detailed Crafting Systems

Highly detailed crafting systems allow players to create or find the perfect items to express their character's unique qualities, design their ideal home, and practice their skills with the other characters in the game world. 

Player-run guilds

Players have the opportunity to own and operate guilds, allowing them to recruit members, build businesses, and work with like-minded individuals. 

Staff Supported Loyalties

Staff-supported loyalties allow players to pledge their oaths to one of six major nations and become a part of the intricate storyline. 

Dedicated support

Owner operated, the game has dedicated support available to handle any issues that might arise during your gameplay. 

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