Apr 04 2021


9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Easter Celebration

His Holiness Pope Benedict will hold a sermon on the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, 2 April 1601, at 9 in the evening at the Arcibasilica di Nostra Signora.

On Holy Saturday, 3 April 1601, all citizens are reminded to spend the day in reflection and prayer as we contemplate the sacrifice Our Lord and Savior made for us. As is custom, the statuary of the Arcibasilica di Nostra Signora will be shrouded as we mourn the death of Jesus upon the Cross.

Lay preachers and priests will begin sermons on the Resurrection of Christ at the midnight tolling of Easter Sunday to celebrate the miracle of his rebirth at the Arcibasilica di Nostra Signora. (OOC – In lieu of a second sermon event, the cathedral will be set up with emits that tell the story of the resurrection. You are encouraged to gather, alone or with your friends, as your schedule permits.)

To celebrate the holiday, His Holiness would like to extend an invitation to citizens of influence to join him for refreshment in the papal apartments of the Abbazia di San Francis at 9 pm on Easter Sunday, 4 April 1601. The Papacy requests that all weapons, food, and drink be left behind. Bags that are brought will be confiscated and searched by the papal guard prior to admittance to His Holiness’ apartments.

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