Aug 27 - 29 2021


9:00 pm - 9:00 pm

English Consulate Scavenger Hunt

The English Consulate and Whyte’s & Co. Tailoring will be hosting a scavenger hunt. Starting on Friday, August the twenty seventh, at the ninth late hour through Sunday, the twenty ninth, following with an after party.

During this time, anyone will be free to roam all across the the city, the wilderness, and even up to the fort in search for ribbons that have been hidden in various places. The type of ribbons to be collected will be in the colors of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The colors are associated with a level of a tier for a prize.

The one who has collected the most of any of the colors will win that tier of prize. All prizes will be collection of gift cards for various crafters. Those willing to participate can search alone or in a group, but the prize will be split among the group. On the twenty ninth at the nine late hour, we will collect all the ribbons from those participating and declare a winner. We will have an after party with light refreshments to follow. Look forward to seeing you all and good luck hunting.

When: August 27th -29th
Starting: 9:00pm Aug 27th
Ending: 9:00pm Aug 29th, after party to follow
Location: Search far and wide to collect as many ribbons as possible.

Toddia Wincott

English Consulate Ambassador

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