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Announcement Regarding the Duke of Aosta, Gianluca Firenze Fortini, the former Pope Benedict

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On behalf of Her Imperial Majesty, the Holy Roman Empress Mirielle di Ricchezza, let it be known that the Duke of Aosta, Gianluca Firenze Fortini, is hereby stripped of his lands and ducal title. This action has been taken in response to his grievous acts of violence against the Imperial Crown and the People of Italy.

The Duke of Aosta stands accused of high crimes, including treason and espionage, which have caused significant harm and endangerment to the sovereignty and security of the Holy Roman Empire. Due to the severity of these charges, the Duke was to stand trial before the Imperial Court to ensure justice is served. However, it is with regret that that the people are informed the Duke has fled from justice.

The Imperial Crown of Italy expresses its commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the rights and safety of its citizens. The actions of the Duke of Aosta are in direct violation of these principles and have necessitated the revocation of his lands and ducal title. By revoking his privileges, it is with the deepest intent to demonstrate that such acts of violence and betrayal will not be tolerated within the realm.

We call upon all citizens to remain vigilant and cooperate fully with the authorities to ensure that justice is served with swift and impartial proceedings against those who seek to undermine the stability and harmony of Our great nation.

In Service to Her Imperial Majesty Holy Roman Empress Mirielle di Ricchezza,

Marquess Eliseo di Farnese

Grand Chamberlain