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Public Notice of Dismissal of the Pope Due to Incitement of Violence as the Leader of PEACE

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Dear Children of Christ and Concerned Parties,

It is with a heavy heart and great concern for the well-being of the Catholic Church and its followers that we must announce the dismissal of His Holiness Pope Benedict, Duke Gianluca Fortini, from the position of Pope due to serious allegations of incitement of violence, contrary to the sacred mission and teachings of our faith.

As the leader of the Church, the Pope holds a position of immense responsibility, charged with promoting peace, love, and harmony among all people. Regrettably, our investigation has revealed substantial evidence indicating that Pope Benedict has engaged in actions and made statements that incite violence, contradicting the core principles of compassion, understanding, and nonviolence that the Church upholds.

While the role of the Pope is to provide spiritual guidance and foster unity, it is incumbent upon us to address any actions that deviate from these sacred duties. The incitement of violence by a spiritual leader undermines the very foundation of peace and hinders the Church's ability to fulfill its divine mission.

After careful consideration and consultation, the College of Cardinals has made the difficult decision to dismiss Duke Gianluca Fortini from the position of Pope, effective immediately. This dismissal entails the revocation of all rights, privileges, and responsibilities associated with the papacy.

We, the College of Cardinals, remain unwavering in our commitment to upholding the teachings of Christ, promoting peace, and safeguarding the spiritual well-being of our faithful. We denounce all forms of violence and aggression, and we reaffirm our dedication to fostering an environment of love, compassion, and unity within the Church.

We ask for your prayers during this challenging time as we seek to heal, rebuild, and move forward with renewed determination to fulfill our sacred mission. May God's grace guide us as we navigate through this period of transition and work towards a stronger and more peaceful Church.

For any inquiries or further information, please direct your communication to the Office of the Secretary of the College of Cardinals.

In prayerful reflection,


Archbishop of the Arichdiocese of Florence

Cardinal Benizio Armani

Secretary of the College of Cardinals