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The Colony of New Dinapoli

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On March 1st, Governor Clark Kendrick and his crew will set sail for the New World to break ground on the colony of New Dinapoli.


We are aiding in the funding of this expedition but we need your help. All donations of supplies and funds for the expedition can be sent to either Lord Chamberlain Eliseo di Farnese or directly to Governor Clark Kendrick. 

Upon his success with the new colony, settlers can make the voyage to the colony on June 1st. Any who wish to join the new settlement are encouraged to announce their intention with Lord Chamberlain Eliseo di Farnese. Those who wish to do so are encouraged to seek sponsorship from wealthy patrons or their respective consulates in order to prepare for the long voyage to this remote land. Any and all questions pertaining to the expedition as well as future travel to the colony are encouraged to reach out to Governor Kendrick or Lord Chamberlain di Farnese at their earliest convenience.