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"Ink flows and quills dance as the vibrant pulse of our city comes alive in the pages of the Ink and Quill City Tribune." ~ Cerenella d'Este, Editor-in-Chief



~Local and International News~

  • In recognition of his significant contributions to the Realm, Lord Willieam Hughes was bestowed the prestigious title of Duke of Aosta. The Duchy, once belonging to the former Pope and brother of Grand Duke Alonzo Fortini, was granted to Lord Hughes as a reward to his unwavering dedication and loyalty to Her Imperial Majesty Empress Mirielle Ricchezza as member and now Captain of the City Guard.
  • In a display of diplomatic amity and camaraderie, Portugal’s esteemed Ambassador Luis, Duke of Braganza, arrived to convey warm greetings from the newly crowned King and Queen of Portugal to our Esteemed Empress. The arrival of the ambassador signifies the strengthening of bilateral ties and deepening friendship between the two nations. Both parties expressed their enthusiasm for fostering mutual growth and development. This comes as no surprise as it is rumored the King and Queen of Portugal have deep-seeded ties to high-ranking members of the Imperial Italian Court.


~Announcements from the Catholic Church~

  • The College of Cardinals has elected a new Supreme Pontiff, the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church. With profound humility and a deep sense of duty, Pope John Alexander II Amadi Lopret embraces the weighty task before him, recognizing the immense spiritual journey that lies ahead. As the Successor of Saint Peter he vows to serve as the embodiment of love, compassion, and faith, shepherding the faithful flock and representing the Catholic Church to the world.


~Marriage Announcements, Betrothals, and Births~

In a celebration of love and commitment, two hearts have found their forever home and we are delighted to announce the marriage of Duke Willieam Hughes and Duchess Elle Hughes!


Love has found its way, and we couldn’t be happier to share the news! We are thrilled to announce the betrothal of Marquess Ezechiel Trivulzio and Marchioness Kilana Corvasci.


We are pleased to share that Marquess Giovanni Esposito and his wife, Marchioness Selene Esposito have recently welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. Congratulations to the happy family!


~Success and Achievements~

The Grand Chamberlain has informed us here at the Quill that there have been numerous changes to the Chain of Command and advises all to take a moment to review these changes.