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REMINDER - Misuse of OOC Information and Player Consent

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A friendly reminder for the player base:


We have well-established precedent in place regarding the way OOC information is to be handled IC. We also have strict rules pertaining to consent, and the protection of player autonomy therein. 

Information gained through OOC means, be that out of character messages or chats, the who list, third-party hearsay, out of client communications, or any such other methods of exchanging or collecting information is not to be used IC in any way, shape, or form without explicit permission or consent from the person directly effected by said information. 

Furthermore, it bears repeating that taking action that could effect another player or character in a way they are not comfortable with WITHOUT THEIR EXPLICIT CONSENT is a violation of the rules put in place to preserve the playing experience for our customers. Any and all found in violation of either of the above mentioned can and will be subject to corrective action at our sole discretion.