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As the bodies swirled across the dance floor in a myriad of colors, the pair slipped to the periphery before disappearing into the crowd of onlookers. With a soft and husky whisper, he leaned in close, “You know this is the way it has to go…any other option would be ludicrous!” She nodded with a …

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She kept the note clutched tight in the palm of her hand, curtsying at anyone she passed in the halls of the estate, not wanting  to call attention to herself for fear of the contents that she held. With a soft knock on one of the doors, she slipped it through the gap on the …

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Rinascita: The City of Rebirth

Welcome to “Allegory of Empires,” a captivating storytelling roleplay game set in the diverse and dynamic city of Rinascita during the vibrant 17th century in Italy. Prepare to embark on a journey where the destinies of commoners, nobles, farmers, trade merchants, and individuals of all walks of life intertwine, and the pursuit of wealth, power, …

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The dyer class is able to mix dyes to create new colors.   Basic Commands The base dye colors can be purchased from the NPC in Toscano Textiles. The crafting verb for mixing dyes is mix. You will need two pots of dye. Ex: mix black dye with blue dye You can see a full …

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The weaver class is able to create yarn and fabric from raw fiber.   Basic Commands Weaves are able to craft yarn from raw fiber. The standard crafting command syntax is: [verb] [material] into [item] The crafting verb for raw fiber is spin. You will need a bundle of fiber and a drop spindle. Ex: …

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Non-player characters (NPCs) can be found throughout the game world. They serve various purposes, such as merchants and teachers.   Merchants You can purchase items from merchants. Ask an NPC to see a list of what they sell. Syntax: ask npc To purchase an item from an NPC, ask for that item. You will need to confirm or …

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The base unit of currency in the game is the florin. A lira is the equivalent of 24 florins.   @income This out-of-character command shows how much money your character makes per day. This money is based on the rank of your character and represents money paid for blue-booked work by higher-ranking individuals from your …

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The stonemason class is able to create furniture, sculptures, and other items from stone.   Basic Commands Stonemasons are able to craft items from blocks of stone. The standard crafting command syntax is: [verb] [material] into [item] The crafting verb for stone is chisel. You will need a block of stone and a chisel. Ex: …

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The seamstress class is able to create clothing and other items made from fabric.   Basic Commands Seamstresses are able to craft items from fabric. Some items cannot be made from certain types of fabric. The standard crafting command syntax is: [verb] [material] into [item] The crafting verb for rolls and bolts of fabric is …

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