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Non-player characters (NPCs) can be found throughout the game world. They serve various purposes, such as merchants and teachers.



You can purchase items from merchants.

Ask an NPC to see a list of what they sell.

Syntax: ask npc

To purchase an item from an NPC, ask for that item. You will need to confirm or deny the purchase with @yes or @no.

Syntax: ask npc for item

Example: ask npc for oatmeal

You can buy multiple of the same item at once by including the quantity.

Syntax: ask npc for amount item

Example: ask npc for 3 scroll



You can learn skills from NPC teachers. These lessons cost money and require more learning points than lessons from other PCs.

Ask an NPC to see a list of what they can teach. For class teachers, i.e. not general skill teachers, you will not see a list of skills if your character does not have the class that the teacher offers lessons for.

Syntax: ask npc

To study a skill with an NPC, ask about the skill.

Syntax: ask npc about skill

Example: ask npc about trading