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The dyer class is able to mix dyes to create new colors.


Basic Commands

The base dye colors can be purchased from the NPC in Toscano Textiles.

The crafting verb for mixing dyes is mix. You will need two pots of dye.

Ex: mix black dye with blue dye

You can see a full list of items available to you at your skill level in the @craft menu under “Mixing.”

Level: This is the minimum skill level necessary to mix the dye color.

Final Color(s): This is the color that will result when you mix the dyes.

Command: This is the command you will use to create the dyes.

Color1: This is the first of two base dyes you need to create the final color.

Color2: This is the second of two base dyes that you need to create the final color.

Dyes can be added to a number of different products, including fabric, paper, nail polish, and lacquer.

Note: Only base materials can be dyed. Individual crafted items, such as clothing, cannot be dyed.