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Basics The basic command for all livestock animals is control. To see a full list of available commands, type control [animal]. Example: control pig That is not a valid command for a fat pink pig. Valid orders are: “access” “allow” “deny” “follow” “stay” “dress” “undress” “hunt” To use one of the individual commands available in the list of controls, type control …

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Dogs & Cats

Basics The basic command for dogs and cats is control. To see a full list of available commands, type control [animal]. Example: control dog That is not a valid command for the dog. Valid orders are: “access” “allow” “attack” “bark-happy” “bark-warning” “beg” “belly-rub” “cry” “deny” “down” “dress” “growl” “howl” “pant” “play” “roll” “sniff” “sit” “sleep” “stay” “tilt” …

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Class Skills

The skills listed are available to the respective classes. Skills in italics are available at character generation. Skills marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that the player may choose one of multiple options. ACADEMIC Perhaps the most mysterious gift is that of the mind, and those who can wield it will find a wealth of resources …

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Mounts in Allegory of Empires are used to travel from point A to point B and can come in a variety of forms. Living mounts (such as horses) are useful when traveling by foot while nonliving mounts (dinghys, small boats) are useful when traveling by sea. The command usage is the same for all types of …

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@event System

One of the system features available to players in Allegory of Empires is the event system. The event system was created with the intent to not only give people an alternative option for gathering favor and influence, but also and more importantly, a reward for being active and engaged within the community as a whole …

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Relationships and Marriage

Relationships and Marriages    Love is in the air!    One thing you will run into during your time in Allegory is the potential for your characters to form relationships and romantic bonds with other characters. Because there is a theme for the game that is based on history, there are also some general guidelines …

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Game Client

The Orchil Client is the preferred client of Allegory of Empires although there is support for other methods of connectivity. How you choose to connect is entirely up to you. The Orchil Client Orchil a cross-platform browser client which means you can use it regardless of device, operating system, or browser. No additional add-ons or plugins need …

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Character Generation

Overview Character Generation will take you through the process of creating your character. Use the bottoms highlighted below to navigate through each step. Class Selection Character Bio Character Appearance Character Attributes Character Review   Clicking continue will take you back to the character portal where you will be able to enter the game world!


The jeweler class is able to create a variety of jewelry pieces with metal and gems.   Basic Commands Jewelers are able to craft items from metal bars (note: metal rods can only be used by blacksmiths) and gems. The standard crafting command syntax is: [verb] [material] into [item] The crafting verb for metal bars …

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Classes and Skills

Overview Each class provides a unique set of skills, some limited to that class (ex: fencing), and some general (ex: fishing). Your class is not your occupation, per se, but rather a set of skills to help guide the direction of your character and your roleplay. You cannot learn skills limited to classes that you don’t …

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