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As the bodies swirled across the dance floor in a myriad of colors, the pair slipped to the periphery before disappearing into the crowd of onlookers. With a soft and husky whisper, he leaned in close, “You know this is the way it has to go…any other option would be ludicrous!” She nodded with a breathless gasp and disappeared into the press of bodies.


Spain is an anomaly among the major power nations in that they currently hold a vast amount of power, wealth and influence while remaining entirely neutral and without the aid of any alliances. Generations of savvy politicians, civil relations and global exploration have placed them in a position of having no outright enemies and a robust trade economy of imports and exports from all around the world.

This combination makes for a powerful stance on the global stage and has caught the attention of all the other nations vying for the same power and influence. Their geographic location protects them from most threats by land and their maritime history has provided them with a large armada to provide protection over the waters. 

The Spanish are a confident people due to this lengthy history of comfortable standing and this confidence makes some of the other nations nervous. They make no secret of the fact that they desire even more influence on the global stage and their current unaffiliated position leaves them on the precipice of forging alliances that could exponentially increase their wealth and power within the realm of the geopolitical playing ground.

Due to their wealth of overseas trade routes, the Spanish enjoy a very exotic mix of influences from around the globe. From the New World to Northern Africa, the flow of trade, culture and ideas from these far off places have given the Spanish an air of exotic worldliness. It would appear from the outside looking in that the Spanish people always seem to be on the move and have experience and items from nearly every corner of the known world.

With a taste for such rare and unique items and ideas, the Spanish Nation has a penchant for extravagant and sometimes outlandish events and ideas. There easy confidence can occasionally be read as snobbery to outsiders, but the people are nothing if not civil and warm to all who cross their paths. 


Spanish Relations at a Glance

ENGLAND – England is another country that holds considerable power, something that the Spanish clearly wants for themselves. While they are not enemies, they do find ways to annoy one another much like the interactions between Spain and Italy.

FRANCE – Spain has a very neutral stance toward France, simply considering them trapped under the influence of Italy. Their sights are set on Italy and not the country of France, so they feel nothing one way or the other in regard to them at this point in time.

GERMANY – The Spanish are intrigued by the current relationship between Germany and England and while they are not currently allied, some believe that an alliance between the two would be another way for Spain to put pressure on England.

ITALY – Italy is wary of Spain and Spain wants more of Italy’s power and the two nations do little to keep their feelings secret. They are by no means enemies and neither would be in a position to challenge the other, but they do poke at one another on occasion.

SCOTLAND – With its close proximity to England and the contentious relationship between England and Scotland, Spain has become increasingly intrigued by the potential to cause grief while gaining power that an alliance with Scotland could bring.

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH – The Spanish are known supporters of the Catholic Church and many older Spaniards are staunchly supportive to an almost radical extent. Younger generations have grown slightly more relaxed while remaining devout.

PROTESTANT CHURCH – Older generations of Spanish are vehemently working to stop the spread of Protestant ideals, but their younger counterparts have adopted a slightly more open mind due to the influence from far off locations via trade routes. 

MIDDLE CLASS – The Spanish, of all the major nations, have perhaps the most relaxed stance on the societal class system and their middle class is flourishing due to the large amount of international trade that flows in and out of the country.

LOWER CLASS – Poverty is considered by the Spanish to be a scourge on society that reflects poorly on their nation, so they routinely make grand initiatives to improve the living conditions and status of the poorest of the poor.