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The base unit of currency in the game is the florin. A lira is the equivalent of 24 florins.



This out-of-character command shows how much money your character makes per day. This money is based on the rank of your character and represents money paid for blue-booked work by higher-ranking individuals from your nation or loyalty.

Syntax: @income



This out-of-character command shows how much money your character has in their bank account.

Syntax: @money



This in-character command is used to transfer money from one character’s bank account to another’s. The other player will need to accept or deny the payment using @yes or @no.

Syntax: pay amount to name

Example: pay 20 florins to kjell


Promissory Notes

Promissory notes are another option for paying other characters. The note is filled out by the payer and given to the payee, who can then take the note to the bank to draw money from the payer’s bank account.

To set the value of the promissory note:

Syntax: set my promissory note ‘amount in florins

Example: set my promissory note ‘150

Promissory notes must be signed by the payer in order to be cashed by the payee.

Syntax: sign my promissory note

To cash a promissory note from another character, take it to the bank and offer it to the banker NPC.

Syntax: offer my promissory note to banker

Note: If the payer’s bank account has less money in it than the value of the promissory note, the payee will only be able to draw out the amount of money in the account. That amount will be subtracted from the value of the promissory note, and the payee will have to try cashing it again at a later time.


Money Pouches

Money pouches can be used to draw physical coins rather than transferring money from bank account to bank account. They can be acquired from seamstresses and banker NPCs.

You can withdraw money in liras and florins. Every increment of 24 will draw a lira, and anything less will draw florins.

Syntax: withdraw from my money pouch ‘amount

Example: withdraw from my money ouch ‘100

You can deposit coins into your money pouch, which will automatically add them to your bank account.

Syntax: deposit my coins into my money pouch

Note: Coins drawn from money pouches will automatically be returned to the owner’s bank account if they are not deposited into a money pouch within one week. Coins must be deposited into a money pouch and cannot be deposited directly through a banker NPC.