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A Publik Apologee

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To t' folk o' t' City o' Rinaseeta,

Thi' be a publik apologee fer gettin' drunk in publik, las' night at t' party wha' were hosted by Mister Diego. Thi' 'specially alsae be an apologee fer gettin' reel angry an' losin' me temper summat awful in public at t' party. The reasons tha' I were sae angry be personal 'uns, boot nae one be tae blame boot meself. I alsae want tae 'pologise 'specially tae Mister Diego, fer causin' a disterbince at his party, an' tae Dame Katherine, fer she were t' person who I most 'specially lost me temper sae bad at, an' tae all o' thase who were there tae witness an' tae be oopset by me behavior. I was summat tipsy, an' alsae shook up a fair bit, at t' time, which I airn't mentionin' as an excoose, boot only tae 'splain tha' I dinnae recall who all were present when I lost me temper. Sae, if'n ye were there, then, if'n ye wish tae, ye kin tell me sae, an' I'll 'pologise personally tae ye alsae. I alsae am fair certain I probably done some cursin', which I wish tae 'pologize fer, as tha' werenae proper behavior fer a party. I am gaein' tae 'pologize personalee tae Mister Diego an' tae Dame Katherine, as t' tae o' them are t' ones wha' I wronged t' maist. An' tae Baroness Tara, I will 'pologize personally; I recall tha' she were there. Boot I dinnae recall who else were present, so tha's why I'm postin' thi' fer t' whole taown tae see. Fer tha' reason, an' alsae cos I ken tha' t' folks who saw me make sooch a scene will be speakin' aboot i'. Sae I want tae tell ye all tha' I be reel sorry, an' tha' I alsae be reel ashamed o' meself. Me actions were a disgrace tae t' Maclean Clan, tae me family, tae Scotland, an' tae me oon self, alsae. I ken I need tae be better'n tha'. I'm nae shoor how I'm gaein' tae manage tha' yet; I'm havin' problems wha' I airn't had tae deal wi' in years. Ye see, I didnae want tae admit, last night, tha' t' problem were me oon. Tha's part o' t' reason why I were sae angry, 'specially wi' Dame Katherine, who were tellin' me tha' I had a problem. I kenned she migh' be righ', boot I didnae want tae admit i'. Not even tae meself, fer i' made ma angry, an' frighted alsae. Boot it is me oon problem, an' I got tae own i', an' tae find a way tae deal wi' i'. I hope ye all will fergive me. I ken tha' "sorry" dinnae mend matters. Sae I unnerstan' if'n folk be angry wi' me, fer ye've got a righ' tae be. Weel, I cannae ken o' wha' else tae write, sae I s'pose tha's all.


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I was not present for what you speak so I hold no ill will, but applaud you for your inner strength to accept your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. The weak can never forgive, it is the attribute of the strong, and asking for such shows more strength than that.

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.