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[Sticky] Public Access to the Palace

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Rules and Expectations for the Public
1. Be respectful of the property that is the home of the Royal Family and Royal Household as well as numerous visiting foreign dignitaries at any given time. Do not leave trash or personal belongings behind, and do not take those items that you might find lying about. 
2. Keep noise levels to a respectable volume. The Royal Nursery and the King and Queen's living quarters are central to the palace, and the public is expected to be respectful of this fact at all times. 
3. Those guests of rank gentry and higher who are permitted access to the palace communal spaces are welcome to escort guests of lower station, but they are expected to follow the same rules and expectations. Any transgression by those guests will reflect upon the person who escorted them onto the premises. 
4. When in doubt, defer to rank and station should a dignitary or member of the Royal family or household demand use of a space you are currently occupying. 
5. The public is welcome to utilize the common spaces of the palace for events and socials, but permission must be sought first from the Royal Advisors via scroll or meeting with the Grand Chamberlain. Please make your requests at least two weeks in advance and await explicit permission before announcing your event to the public. Only those of the rank gentry and higher are permitted to request use of the space for their events. 
Please remember that this is a special allowance being made, and, should the access to the palace become problematic or cause strain or safety concerns, this special allowance can and will be revoked.