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Weekly Poetry Spotlight

Each week I will attempt to place the poems from my socials here for all to enjoy.
I genially appreciate all who attend and participate even if they are nervous. Writing poetry is an artistic outlet and none shall ever judge you at my events.

This is merely for enjoyment and the exploration of new ideas and perceptions on life and everything within it.
So without further ado, I present to you the weekly poetry spotlight!

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Loop Poetry Form: This form takes on a repetitive style where the last word from each line should be the first word that starts your next line.
There are various ways this can be done, but we decided to focus on the looping format only.

Further information can be found in the library for those who may seek to try this style themselves. 


Trees grow old, and leaves fall off,
Off to the sky, dancing with mirth.
Mirth from clouds, exuberant and loft,
Loft with content for this is rebirth.
When the ground turns green, and the sky turns blue,
Blue days are gone, and happiness proceeds.
Proceede through time for the season of renew,
Spring is here to deliver nature's seed.
The forest breaths new life, to its inhabitants' delight,
Delight for the new season, with new adventures to follow.
Follow it shall, from the grass to the breeze, to the sun that shines bright,
Bright each day, ensuring its residents never wallow.
~ Lacey Fraser
Deep into the forest I go
go further then I thought before to tread
tread over stone and trees and things below
below are things we've learned to dread
We've covered all the things underneath
underneath the trees is where the roots grow
grow them shallow and deep with hidden teeth
teeth made of wooden thorns that many will never know
I bask in the things found up above
above where all warm lights, scents and sounds
sounds flitting back and for come from within the dove
dove of light and purity remain unbound
two different perspectives
perspectives we each much choose to see
see the darkness that grounds below and growth of light objective
objective must be determined for it to be
~ Thalia Solandis
Follow me into the night.
Night where darkness stays.
Stay we can until first light.
Light that signals the rooster's play.
We can lay under the moon.
Moon with friends like stars.
Stars that come and go too soon.
Soon they don't seem far.
The fireflies light the way.
Way to the campfire, warm.
Warm as the sun during the day
Day when I can be back in your arms.
~ Doctor Beth

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Monorhyme Poetry Form: This week we crafted poems using the Monorhyme form which consists of every line in the poem ending on the same rhyme. The theme was 'How To', therefore each poem gives instructions on how to do something simple or complex. 


How To Pen A Poem
A man once asked how one with a poem could possibly explore?
My reply was creativity, he responded with deplore.
 So I wove him a tale rhyming each word I adore,
Near the end his tune did change, he of course needed more.
It is quite easy to pen a poem, just never write for a score,
It should be about the soul, it should make your heart soar.
 The rhyme is not needed, it's not what people look for,
Emotions through words, alas it is what most ignore.
So when you sit to write, there is one thing I must implore,
Toss instructions out your mind then close and lock the door.
 When you listen to your heart, you will gain wisdom and valor,
Only then you will find that you are your best mentor.
So leave your doubts at home and your explanations on the floor,
And soon you shall have many poems until it is poem galore.
~ Lacey Fraser
How To Swing
Curl your fingers round the swing,
heft yourself as you cling.
Settle yourself in before your feet fling,
lift my gaze to watch the stars sing.
Hear the voices in your hears ring,
pump your legs to move the thing.
Glance aside to spot the smiling,
free your mind and pretend it doesn't feel like near worshiping.
~ Thalia Solandis

How To Garden

Beautiful are the little flowers,
But the work they need can take hours.
Learn and tend, do not be sour,
And yours will be gardening power.


~ Doctor Beth

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Septolet Poetry Form: This week we crafted poems using the Septolet form which consists of a seven lined poem that splits into two parts. Together, the overall poem has a total of fourteen words. Both parts of the poem should cohesively work together to create an image with your words. The theme was 'Peace & War', therefore each person was invited to write their perception on either or both.


Bodies, Bloodshed.
Burned homestead.
Battlefield: red.
Torn to pieces.
Family misses.
Horror reminisces.
~ Doctor Beth
into a world
of unbridled hate.
to instead
love and mercy.
~ Lacey Fraser



Not so big,
Stolen little moments.

Quiet smiles,
Bright laughs,
Fleeting family.

~ Thalia Solandis


Serene, happy scene.
Smiles between.
Laughter Seen.
Calm to be.
Bliss, purity.
~ Doctor Beth


Ever present
within oneself
constant battles.
Drifting the world
internal external.
~ Miss Katherina