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Renamed Characters

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Since we've had a lot of players opting to rename their characters, I'd like to start this thread for players to share information about their "new" characters. This is entirely optional, so if you'd prefer to keep your old identity a secret, you may. However, if you'd like to share your new name, backstory, or any other information that you'd like us to know, please do.

Note: If you're aware of a renamed character, please do not share that information publicly unless the player has shared in this thread. Thank you!

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Bjorn is here and keeping the same skill set.  For the sake of clarity (for me), I am resetting his relationships and connections of which were not that many in the grand scheme so it should not effect most folks.  Looking forward to seeing people IC!

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Morven is still here, still married to Trevyn, still has twins, but a few things have changed.  For better story compliance, Morven is from Bavaria, never been to Scotland, knows little to nothing about the Scottish people, so obviously the entire bit about her having been part of the Bisc manor is erased.  Trevyn is from Trondheim, Norway, and is no longer a character who climbed the social ladder after escaping slavery in Akoma,   Their marriage was still arranged as part of a treaty between the Germanic Empire or Germany whatever, and Norway.   So, if y'all would kindly keep that in mind, we would both be appreciative.  We are accepting that we "know" chars who have not changed their names, and are assuming that previous relationships are mostly the same, unless told otherwise.  

Party on.

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For any who care, this is how I redid Atashi's story!

Atashi was born from an Arab father and a Spanish mother where they left the city and politics to join a small village of close-nit people. She is the elder sister to Hatasha and mother to her daughter Natie. She married at seventeen to her husband and had her daughter at eighteen. Her parents died of old age because I'm too lazy to keep up with parents as well. Speaking of death, her marriage didn't last long because her husband died during a hunting accident when she was twenty. Her village helped take care of the sisters and child until one night when everything changed. Late in the evening as everyone slept, bandits decided to pick apart the village for whatever goods they could find. Her village has always been one defend themselves and they tried, but they weren't prepared for the guns the bandits brought. Within the chaos, Atashi lost her sister to the fray and was knocked unconscious while fighting.

When she woke, the majority of her people were dead or injured and most of those who survived were gone, save the small group. Fortunately, her daughter was unharmed and with survivors who were nursing injured. With no one to turn to and no way to aid her people, she sought work and help to provide for her child. She ended up finding help for the injured, but there was nothing left for her to return to. So she performed jobs on ships to compensate her way to a better home. While there, she discovered secrets that some of the Spanish people left for Rinascita to find work in the new Spanish Consulate.

With no other option, she decided to go there where she encountered a noblewoman named Kilana. She picked up some English on her trips but it wasn't enough for her to accurately receive any help. Kilana was kind and knew her native tongue, so they bonded quickly agreed on a way to help Atashi. Kilana would assist in finding her sister and in return, Atashi became a servant (not slave) for the Italian Consulate. This was done to work off the florins being used to search for her sister. With the help of Kilana and a Priest, her sister was found in another village. They both returned to the city to remain and... here we are. She still doesn't enjoy people because despite being here for three years, she's still uncertain who to trust. Though for those who have patience, she eventually warms up to them.

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Omg, Aggie, are you leaving AoE? If so, we will all miss you!! <3<3<3