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November 29 1602

I'm am placing this here for anyone to update their contact information. To support Rinascita and her people, all active crafters can leave their information on who to send missives too. Also, any active guilds may post here if they are seeking members. May Rinascita thrive as she did before.

I offer my services as a blacksmith to those who may need it. I am still learning the many patterns to perfect my art, but if any interests are made known, I can advance my studies in those areas.

Ethan Gray

Member of the Rinascita Militia and Scottish Consulate


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Polgara Nic'Eidheann - Carpentry and Stoneware - Master at both crafts, I have an extensive supply of stone, lumber, stains, and lacquers available.

- We also add furniture lining, inlays of stone, alternate wood, and metal for a nominal fee. 


[OOC - Likely only until a week after the new year, as I go back to my insane job about that time. ]

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I can provide stone masonry goods and various forms of arts such as painting and music to those who are interested.

Isabelle Lopez

I've never met a strong person with an easy past.

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Contact Luca, master bookbinder, for stationary including scrolls, gift boxes, cards, envelopes, and books. Prices upon request. 

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Contact Maena of Philouran Bindery - master bookbinder, merchant and gardener.

Items available (and more) are named within the Philouran Bindery guild posts.

English Consulate members receive a discount on certain items.

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November 1st 1603

Capello Custom Carpentry Creations is available to meet all of your carpentry and carving needs. Our esteemed clientele may contact Tomaso Capello for additional information, pricing, and delivery timeframes.