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Entire Salon for Sale - Auction Thread

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Fellow Citizens, 

Having once been at the forefront of all things coiffeuse, I have decided, after years of fretful deliberation, to pass the tools of the trade on to hose who hold more of an interest for the art. 


The following, though they might not seem like much, have been my fellows on many a journey, and it is my hope to find them homes that will treat them as the coveted instruments they have always been. 


I would like to start the bidding for the entire lot at 1,200 florins, and move forward from there. If you are interested, I beg that you post your bidding offers here, both as a form of courtesy to others whom also might have interest, and so that we might have a record of our dealings should we need a reference in the future. 


 Until such time that it is decided that this form of selling will not work, I will be selling the items altogether as an entire set. 


~ Lidia Avarsch



Rare Items  


Frosted silver corduroy hairstyling pouch. A small pouch made of frosted silver corduroy for holding hairstyling tools. It is pulled shut by a drawstring at its top which allows it to be attached to a belt. A frosted silver corduroy hairstyling pouch is open.   


rose gold hand mirror --- (A rose gold hand mirror. A mirror is an object with at least one polished and therefore reflective surface. It comes complete with a small frame and handle. Remarkable black diamonds stud the metal. 

The reflection shows yourself:) 


set of blue-green curlers   


steel straight razor (with matching onyx handle)  - [Burton - for every great tool deserves an honorable name]                                                                                                                           

onyx shaving scuttle -  [Timothy]

A squat round bowl boasting a wide spout on one side where you can fill the internal chamber with hot water to warm the lathering dish above. A protruding circle on the opposite side of the rim provides a handy loop in which a short shave brush hangs. 

Scuttle’s shave brush - A short brush with soft bristles for lathering the face. The onyx handle has been incised with a series of steel curlicues. 

[Whip my scuttle =  You shave off a few flakes of soap into the dish of your shaving scuttle, adding a bit of water before whipping it into a thick lather with your shave brush.]                                                             


  cone of spearmint incense   

  bar of grapefruit jasmine soap 

  iridescent purple butterfly-patterned calamanco apron 

  silver bottle of lily of the valley perfume     18 Uses 

  bright gold pheasant feather      

  bar of camwood soap 

  gold bottle of delicate rose perfume             20 Uses 

  glass bottle of fresh lilac perfume                 17 Uses 

  cinnamon comb   







 (ooc- 'ear-shaped' cauls are from the old world and will [hopefully] be sent in to be altered)

    shimmering blue-green damask pillbox hat     

    violet muslin tattered scrap - [ooc- has to be sent in - Coronet? Ruffled veil?]  

    glossy garnet batiste snood     

    black muslin marabou hat     

    chocolate velvet circlet     

    wine silk pillbox hat     

    jet black batiste braided hairband     

    bronze suede ear-shaped caul     

    sapphire cotton braided hairband     

    alabaster satin circlet     

    peacock blue velvet ear-shaped caul     

    imperial purple suede circlet     

    sparkly bronze samite ear-shaped caul  

    hunter green suede braided hairband 



bar of cranberry medley soap   

three bars of catnip soap   

bar of camwood soap  



 black lacquered maple chair 

 medium black lacquered maple vanity 

 hickory coat rack  

 yellow birch display case 

 lacquered mahogany hairstyling cubby 


Hair Accessories  

 four brass hairclips   

 brass ferroniere   

 shiny bone white soft velvet embroidered hair ribbon 

 embroidered pure white calamanco hair ribbon 

 sparkly green bombazine ribbon 

 misty-blue gossamer ribbon 

 shiny glowing red soft velvet embroidered hair ribbon   

 sky blue silk ribbon. 


Tools of the Trade 

 black lacquered mahogany hairbrush 

 bronze comb  

 black lacquered mahogany comb 

 antique white comb 


Oils                                                                                      Uses 


frosted brown bottle of vanilla amber oil treatment                    6      

shimmering bottle of primrose oil                                             6      

blue green bottle of jasmin oil                                                 10     

yellow-tinned bottle of mimosa oil                                            2      

(see oils continued below) 


Heated Stone Massage                                     Uses 

black lacquered maple pitcher  

black lacquered maple basin   

two white flannel towels – protective draperies are a –necessity-,  

(for furniture and the sake of your sanity, both). 

7 regular stones ( ooc- legit just rocks, but I made it work) 

small globular rock – for working wonders upon the nape, tailbone, backs of thighs, and just about anywhere a knotted mass can be found 

small curved rock – Perfect for those tight muscles betwixt the spine and various junctures of limbs 


pewter bottle of chamomile oil   -for comfort  -            10   

crystal bottle of chamomile oil     “           “                 10   

bronze bottle of Rosemary oil    -for tension  -             10   

bronze bottle of Grapefruit oil   -for lethargy -             10   

pewter bottle of Geranium oil    -for melancholy -        10   

copper bottle of Lemongrass oil   -for calming -            9    


Beauty Enhancers                                                      Uses 


grey kohl pencil                                                            3           

six ochre kohl pencils                                               1 use per     

four midnight rust kohl pencils                                  1 use per     

glittery black lipstick tube                                              4            

glimmering white lipstick tube                                        4            

light blue face powder jar                                              10           

two honey gold eyeshadow jars                                 1 use per     

blue lipstick tube                                                           10          

three deep maple eyeshadow jars                              1 use per     

green eyeshadow jar                                                      6           

milky white foundation jar                                              4           

two burgundy lipstick tubes                                       1 use per     

two cherry-red lipstick tubes                                     1 use per     

foundation jar                                                               10         

green lipstick tube                                                         10         

small tub of waxy lip balm                                              10         

sangria red jar of rouge                                                   6          

white foundation jar                                                        9          

small tub of grey lip balm                                                9          

tan eyeshadow jar                                                         10         

chalky white eyeshadow jar                                             9          

light blue foundation jar                                                 10         

small tub of lip balm                                                        9         

small tub of milky white lip balm                                     10         

purple eyeshadow jar                                                      9          

white kohl pencil                                                             7          

purple lipstick tube                                                         10         

white face powder jar                                                      8          

aubergine lipstick tube                                                     1          

pearlescent purple lipstick tube                                         1              




  flaxen yellow nail polish  

  plum-colored nail polish  

  clover-green nail polish  

  cobalt blue nail polish  

  intense sanguine nail polish  

  pumpkin-colored nail polish   

 five small bottles of nail polish (uncolored) 



turquoise hair dye    

charcoal black hair dye    

dark wine colored hair dye    

umber hair dye    

rose red hair dye    

sandy brown hair dye    

jet black hair dye    

two jade hair dyes    

two pale amber hair dyes    

ebony hair dye    

flaxen yellow hair dye    

goldenrod hair dye    

golden yellow hair dye       

intense raven hair dye    

platinum hair dye    

blonde hair dye    

irised lilac hair dye    

yellow hair dye    

gold hair dye    

resplendent ruby red hair dye    

smoke white hair dye    

cocoa-colored hair dye    

glistening cherry-blossom pink hair dye    

frosted champagne hair dye    

black hair dye    

vibrant white hair dye    

cream hair dye    

auburn hair dye    

sienna hair dye    

ruddy red hair dye  

bittersweet orange hair dye 

snow white hair dye 



Regular/Multi-use Dyes                                Uses 


a pot of aureolin apricot dye                                8    

vinaceous purple dye                                          1    

eleven pots of black dye                              75 all told 

three pots of grey dye                                 27 all told 

a pot of red dye                                                  8    

a pot of earthy brown dye                                   10   

a pot of chalcedony blue dye                                8   

a pot of milky white dye                                       9  

a pot of pink dye                                                 9   

a pot of light red dye                                           10  

a pot of metallic gold dye                                     4   

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Consider the first bid, 1,500 florins

Arlo Haar

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I'll place a bid for 2500.

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3,000 florins

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Thank you for bidding so far!

I'm pleasantly surprised, and grateful for the amazing support that has been shown thus far. 


I'll leave this open for three more days, [Let's say until December 4th, @ midnight, EST] at which point, we will have a final winner. 




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Thank you, Arlo. Who is now the owner of all of the fine items previously listed.