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As an experienced Stylist from the German Consulate, I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting hours again. As for now, I am planning to have hours held on the last Monday of the month or by appointment. These times may vary but shall be posted in the Styling Hours section. I will provide lessons to those who are seeking to learn the craft and welcome and stylist what wishes to join my events. Below are the listing prices. May God bless your day!

Fur das Mutthland!

Arlo Haar

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New Arrivals to the city get their first hair cut for free.

-Hair Styles-

One Florin:
Accent Braids: The hair is done up loose with small accent braids that hang down the sides of the head.
Bobbed: A classic style in which the hair has been cut to chin-length and tapered inward to sleekly frame the face.
Bowl Cut: Hair which has been cut, literally, in the shape of a bowl. Several inches of length remain on the top of the head while the bottom features a close-cropped style with no apparent transition between the two lengths
Braided: Hair that has been split into three even portions before being neatly woven together to form a simple braid. It is secured at the bottom by a ribbon.
Braided Bun: Hair which has been pulled up into a ponytail and then divided into two portions which have been individually braided. One braid is wound in a clockwise direction while the other is wound counterclockwise against the back of the head before being secured.
Bun: A style in which the hair has been pulled back from the face, twisted or plaited, and wrapped in a circular coil around itself on the back of the head.
Combed Back: Hair which has been backwardly run through with a comb to create a neat, clean appearance.
Combover: Hair which has been combed over a particular part on the head to hide a balding spot.
Loose: A style in which the hair is left free of restraints and ties.
Loose-Bangs: A style in which the hair is left to hang down, free of restraints, while a small mass of bangs cling to the forehead.
Messy-Knot: The hair has been swiftly and unevenly collected before being tied up into a messy knot upon the back of the head to spare the wearer's eyes from obstruction.
Mullet: Hair which is short on top and left long in the back.
Mussed: A style in which the hair has been deliberately ruffled to lend a disheveled appearance.
Pigtails: This style features an even central part and two ponytails swept up and secured on both sides of the head.
Ponytail: Hair which is lifted up and pulled back tightly before being secured with a ribbon or clip.
Pulled-Back: Hair which has been loosely gathered and simplistically pulled back at the base of the head where it is secured by a ribbon or hairclip.
Pulled-Back-With-Accents: Hair which is pulled back except for a small braid which hangs down the side of the face.
Tonsure: The hair is completely cut from the scalp. This is a religious hairstyle that symbolizes the renunciation of worldly fashion and esteem.
Tousled: Hair which hangs loose and appears to be in a disarray.
Two-Braids: Hair which has been centrally parted and separated into two individual sections before being simplistically braided.
Uncombed: Hair which has been left uncombed and tangled.
Windblown: Hair which has been fluffed up and brushed back loosely, as if blown by the wind.

Two Florins:
Crew Cut: Hair that has been cut short on the sides and trimmed low on the top of the head.
Flat Top: The hair is shaved on the sides, with the top of the hair spiked upward and trimmed to look flat.
French Braid: A classic style in which the braid starts with small sections of hair at the crown of the head and is intermittently joined with more locks as it progresses downward. The end is secured with a ribbon or tie and features a small amount of hair left free at the bottom.
French Twist: A simple and elegant style created by gathering the hair into a low ponytail and then twisting it upward until it inverts against the head. It is then secured with pins, clips, sticks, or a comb.
Plaited: A soft, flat braid created upon the lower portion of the head which progresses downward until it is secured by a ribbon or tie.
Ponytail-With-Bangs: Hair which has been pulled up and clasped, or pinned back, into a ponytail, with small chunks of bangs left loose in front to conceal the upper portion of the forehead and frame the eyes.
Pulled Back with Bangs: This style features short bangs that are split into hefty chunks which conceal a good portion of the forehead. The rest of the hair has been swept back and pulled up with a hairclip or ribbon.
Slicked Back: Hair which has been considerably greased and then slicked backward to present a sleek, smooth appearance.

Three Florins:
Beaded Braids: A loose style in which the hair has been woven into a myriad of braids before being tied off at the ends with beads.
Braided Ponytail: The hair is wholly gathered and tied up at the back of the head into a ponytail before being braided and secured anew, leaving a couple of inches of tresses hanging loose beneath the accessory.
Crimped: An undulating style created close to the head which presents an even flow of impressive kinks and waves.
Laced Back: A style in which the hair has been loosely gathered at the lower base of the head and delicately laced back.
Pageboy: A straight style featuring fringed bangs in which the hair hangs to just below the ear and turns under.
Snake Braided Ponytail: A unisex hairstyle held together with a plaited strand of hair that begins at the forehead and snakes its way to the back as a tight, french braid. The locks from the front and sides together with about half of the back hair are gathered fashionably into a ponytail, while the rest of the hair is left to splash over the shoulders or back.

Four Florins:
Cascading-Ponytail: A women's long hairstyle where the hair has been pulled to the top of the head into a high pony with the tail cascading down the back in luxurious waves.
Coiled: Hair done in a thick braid that is wound into a large, flat, wide bun around the top and back of the head.
Curled: A style in which the hair has been brushed and manipulated into soft, loose curls.
Nape Knot: A simple, elegant style in which the hair has been rolled into a knot and then swept under before being pinned securely at the nape of the neck.
Short-Flipup: Collected layers of locks flow together over to one side of the head and flip up on the ends. The hair is edged along the back and lays halfway over the ears when wet on the sides.
Side Swept Waves: A fluid and dynamic male hairstyle cut into layers to create more volume on top. A hand-created wave decorates the left front of the head while neat lines trail around the sides.
Spikes: Hair which has been meticulously coaxed upward into miniature points to provide an edgy, daring look.
Top Knot: Hair which is styled into a knot on the top of the head.

Five Florins:
Billowing Curls: This hairstyle starts with a classic bowl cut with tapered edges and chipped-in texturing. The locks on the sides and back are then styled into coils in order to add volume and movement in the look, while the top and forward portions of the hair are kept in smooth form to provide a pleasing contrast to the textured curl.
Chignon: A loose coiled bun which is worn low and secured against the nape of the neck.
Circlet Braid: Hair done in a tidy braid that is wrapped once around the upper head to resemble a circlet. It is secured with pins and offers a sturdy anchor point for tiaras or veils.
Halo Braid: A thick braid that is coiled high upon the crown of the head in a circular fashion.
Love Lock: A male hairstyle in which one lock of hair is kept longer than the rest. This single tress is tied with a ribbon and laid to the front of the left shoulder.
Shaved-Cascade: A women's hairstyle where the entire left side of the head has been shaved cleanly while the other side plunges down in a lustrous cascade of curls.
Steep Crown: A style in which the hair rises steeply, curling high and back from the hairline and reaching for the crown. The sides are combed straight back, thinly covering the top of the ears and bending in towards the neck.
Tiered Bun: Gathered in a loose bun, the hair is curled and situated in such a way as to provide the image of several tiers atop one another.




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Six Florins:
Angled Partition: A long hairstyle in which luxurious waves are molded into bold definition and positioned to surround the face. The angled side partition provides an air of sophistication and elegance to the otherwise simple design.
Braided Nape Knot: Hair that has been braided, rolled into an elegant knot, and then fastened at the nape of the neck.
Centered Waves: A male style in which the hair has been parted centrally at the front of the head to feather back above the ears. The remaining tresses are left unrestrained and hang down the back.
Curl-Assembly: Tresses clipped in layers and brought back into a relaxed assembly of curls in the crown and flowing all the way down to rest upon the neckline. Textured bangs blend effortlessly while maximizing the elegance of the style on the wearer.
Draped Braids: A style in which the hair has been separated into two individually braided portions and then looped outward and attached underneath via pins to lend a draped appearance.
Looped Braids: Hair which is individually braided upon both sides of the head and then wound into loops.
Natural Wave: This relaxed male style features a naturally wavy top with bangs that sweep to the side of the face. The sides are cut short to emphasize the natural waves.

Seven Florins:
Cascade: The locks of hair seem to naturally flow downward in a cascade style.
Festive Curls: A combination of ringlets and coils ablaze in a swarm of loose, layered waves.
Finger Curls: Tight curls that lie close to the head.
Fishtail Braid: Similar to the common french braid, the hair is differently threaded with thickness from the outer side to the center braid. It is tied off an inch or two before the ends of the hair with a ribbon or other accessory.
Layers: A style in which the hair is arranged into layers, with the top layers cut shorter than the layers beneath. The tips of the upper layers blend seamlessly with the layers below, lending to an illusion of length and volume.
Parted Accents: Hair which has been centrally parted at the top of the forehead before being braided into two separate accent braids. These plaited arrangements are then drawn around the circumference of the head and secured in the back where the rest of the hair hangs unrestrained.
Shag: A short, layered, loose hairstyle, with more layers at the crown of the head than below. The ears are not cut out so that the hair can be conveniently tucked behind or pulled back with barrettes or hairpins.
Spiked Swell: A male style in which longer hair decorates the crown of the head before being directed upward and towards the front. It starts at the very short and touchable nape and ends in a fashionable, spiked swell above the forehead.

Eight Florins:
Braided Dome: The hair has been manipulated into a poufed dome atop the crown of the head, with a ribbon-laced wrap braid neatly framing its circumference.
Dutch Braid: An elaborate combination of two french braids on either side of the head which join toward the back of the head to form a braided bun.
Layered Curls: Hair that has been cut into short, soft layers which have been been subtly curled inward to frame the face.
Relaxed Fringe: This is a male style that looks both polished and carefree. The sides have been cut short but blend smoothly into the longer swept back top. A short fringe of bangs curls over the forehead to give a more relaxed feel.
Short Fringes: A classic, short male cut featuring longer hair about the nape, narrow and short sideburns, short bangs and lots of texture. The hair is layered with greater lengths on the crown and neck.
Swirl-top Bun: The hair has been parted down the middle and collected into individual strands before being combed upward, rolled under, and invisibly pinned. From the back to the front, large, decorative swirls fashionably claim both sides of the head.
Tight Rows: A tightly-woven style in which the braided hair is pressed closely to the scalp, creating a decorative, raised surface. The hair is weaved over the crown of the head where it then splits into individually-created snug braids.
Uplifted: An elegant bulge of the long frontal hair is just the prelude to the crescendo of long and luxurious curls, coiled to perfection right below the shoulders. The symmetry and simplicity are an open play in contrast to the extreme control on the lifted top section. This style boasts a free spirit with its open and flowing form, short side part and full volume.

Nine Florins:
Curled Bun with Flowers: The hair has been curled and elegantly wound into an intricate vine-like bun design against the nape before being laced with miniature flowers.
Curled Upstyle: A festive and stunning upstyle that combines an elegant silhouette with wild and partially free flowing curls. The hair is twirled and fastened with invisible pins before the ends are shaped to perfection.
Dreadlocks: A style in which the hair is either twisted into rope-like locks or consists of long, thin braids radiating from the scalp.
Feathery Spikes: Weightless and sharply pointed strands are cut with the shortest length at the nape and a gradual lengthening towards the top of the head. Each hair is then individually and methodically styled against its direction of growth in an air of rebelliousness.
Fingerwave: Hair that is styled into waves that lie close to the head.
Half-and-Half: A half up and half down style, daringly elegant and featuring classic lines with a fresh finish. The top is bumped up to a round shape and held together by a band made from a wide strand of the wearer's own hair. The rest of the locks have been gathered into a low-sitting ponytail and swung to the front in a splash of tousled and curly glory.
Mohawk: A style where the head is shaved save the very center going down to the neck. The hair in this area is spiked.
Rope Braid: Hair which has been pulled back into a three-sectioned ponytail before being twisted to the right and crossed over itself repeatedly to form a unique and elegant rope-like braid.
Top-Knot Fringe: Long hair featuring tightly drawn sides with the nape and the crown pulled to the back of the top section before being circularly wrapped and secured with additional tresses. The forward half of the top section is combed forward as a fringe and boasts a sharply pointed shape that rests against the forehead.
Tousled Flowers: Tousled hair worn loose and adorned with miniature flowers.

Ten Florins:
Bound-Rope-Braid: The hair has been gathered at the base of the head before being tightly braided in a rope fashion and then bound securely with a decorative cloth. Tassles of tresses shoot out from the bottom of the binding to dangle downward.
Fey Braids: Tiny braids that are randomly placed over the head.
French Braid with Accent: An elaborate updo designed with textures ranging from tight to open that are displayed by a dense french braid framing the upper part of the face, then a softer weaving that transitions to a loose and casual top. One long braid smoothly falls behind the ear and to the side, lending a stylish, asymmetrical touch to the hairstyle.
Fringe-Fade: A men's hairstyle which is cut into a regular fade with the bangs or fringe left longer than the top.
Herringbone: This is a continuous, tight braid created down the center of the hair that resembles the shape of a herring bone.
Pouf-With-Spirals: Multi-level and multi-dimensional, the top hair is styled into a smooth pouf embellished with a small, french-braided frame. The bangs are taken strictly to the side and tugged behind the ear where they connect with the rest of the tresses that flow playfully downward in delicate spirals.
Ringlets: Hair which has been heated and curled to spiral downward in tight, continuous waves.
Stylishly Layered: A style in which the hair has been cut into long, wispy layers before being swept back and gathered at the neckline with a clasp.
Windblown Layers: A male cut featuring textured layers styled into a windblown configuration with a hidden parting and forward-swept locks intimately framing the face.

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Eleven Florins:
Braided-Wrap-Bun: The tresses are tied off-center at the back of the head, widely braided, and then wrapped loosely about the crown before being decoratively knotted into a bun.
Criss-Cross-Knot-With-Tendrils: The larger majority of hair along the front and sides is elegantly criss-crossed before trailing downward to the base of the head where it is coiled into a braided nape knot. The remaining straight tresses loosely frame the face and neck in delicate tendrils.
Five-Strand-Braid: An intricate, braided style created by using five strands of hair rather than three.
Gathered Ringlets: Hair that has been swept back at the nape into a pile of loosely gathered tendrils.
Layered-With-Bangs: Hair which has been cut into longer layers on the front and sides, and shorter layers in the back, to achieve a sleek, tapered effect. Cheek-length wispy bangs soften the style, gently curling inward to frame the face.
Ribbon-Laced-Braids: A style in which the hair has been parted into two separate sections and french braided. A wide ribbon is then criss-crossed through the mid-section and wound downward before unifying the two braids and securing them in place.
Scalp-Cut: A hairstyle which takes its inspiration from the classic bowl cut with its clearly defined terminus around the skull. The bottom edge of the style parallels the parietal ridge with a to-the-scalp cut beneath. The look includes the shadow of the traditional perimeter of the hair, and the upper sections are cut in a uniform length to create a velvety texture.
Swept-Back-Curls: The hair has been divided into a partial, where a simple, braided bun has been pressed to the crown of the head with a series of pins, leaving the rest of the hair to frame the face and flow freely over the back and shoulders in a mess of natural, languid curls.

Twelve Florins:
Caged Braids: A loose style featuring a myriad of incredibly intricate, dainty braids caging the hair back.
Knotted-Chignon: An array of knotted locks are neatly arranged in what looks like a net criss-crossing toward the back from the front of the head before being twisted into a tight chignon.
Layered-Swoop: A style in which the hair features short layers in the back, tapering inward toward the neck, and chin-length layers on the sides. The bangs have been arranged so that they swoop down over the forehead area before draping elegantly over one eyebrow.
Layered-Waves: A long layered male hairstyle boasting a body wave to present thickness and the spontaneity of curls. The locks are combed away from the face and over the ears to display the momentum of texture through light threads of hair that lie lightly over the rest of the bulk.
Loose-Bouffant: A soft, loose, and bouffant style in which the hair is smoothed into languid waves that tumble to the shoulders. The top section is straight and divides off-center into two portions. One section sweeps out in a graceful curve while the other plunges headlong down the forehead, across the eyebrow, and over the top of the cheek before melting into the main mass of locks.
Scattered-Layers: Scattered, textured layers drape about the crown while trendy, heavy bangs lie in a subtle slant across the forehead. The sides and back of the hair have been clipped up into a fade around the ears to lend a cleaner appearance to the overall style.
Side-Veil: A deeply-textured asymmetrical bob style. The fringe area is curved downward to veil the right side of the face and carefully feathered with a razor to create a gentle upturn in the ends of the hair. The right side tapers to a point below the chin and is styled to form a petal shape that turns outward from the face. This is echoed in a shorter length by the left side of the style.

Thirteen Florins:
Classic-Sidepart: This is a classic and casual male style. The hair is parted far to the left leaving a shorter side and a longer side. The longer side is swept to the right with the bangs laying in a loose wave on the forehead.
Crimped-French-Twists: Intricate tiny waves have been created upon the head with elaborate crimping. An elaborate french twist has been formed, with the direction changing from the back to the side before rolling up balancedly towards the crown. Mild highlights bring energy to the base and enhance the tiny ruffles of the crimps that are scattered throughout the hair.
Elegant-Spirals: A sophisticated style in which the hair has been elegantly curled to spiral downward toward the back before pooling inward at the ends with sweeping, graceful curves.
French-Twist-With-Curls: A style in which the hair has been french twisted up with the leftover ends being dramatically curled and resting against the top of the head. The back is traditionally secured with hair combs or hairpins and can be dressed up with the addition of flowers.
Gathered-Curls-Swoop: A sweep of bangs drape featherly over the right brow with the remaining tresses brought about the crown of the head where the under layer is thickly braided to encircle the delicately curled upper layer of hair.
Halo-With-Curls: An elegant arrangement of loose curls frame the face while an off-center halo braid slackly encircles the front of the head.
Pompadour: An elegant hairstyle where the sides of the hair are combed back, while the top is fanned forward and curled over itself.

Fourteen Florins:
Coiled-Nape-Knot: Hair which has been gathered at the front before being intricately coiled. This style trails downward along the edges of the head before falling into a mass of elegant coils upon the nape which are discretely secured with hairpins.
Doublebraided-Crown-With-Ropes: Two wide, thick braids wrap elaborately around the crown and back of the head with accented miniature rope braids threaded fancily throughout.
Long and Tapered: A long, loose style in which the hair tapers in short layers about the face and nape before falling freely about the chest and middle back. Fringed, side-swept bangs complete the look with straight, stray tendrils resting delicately upon the opposing cheek.
Ribboned-Fey-Braids: A whimsical style in which tiny braids threaded with multi-colored silk ribbons have been sporadically created upon the head.
Spiderweb Bun: A female hairstyle in which the locks have been widely braided and wound upon the crown of the head in a lengthy, spiraling fashion. Each braided loop has been decoratively strung with a black satin ribbon and strings of miniature black beads to create a complex spiderweb effect.
Twist-With-Bangs: A glamorous upstyle in which the hair is parted on the side to create a long, silky sweep of bangs that cross the forehead in a wave, graze the eyebrow, and slip neatly behind the ear. The middle and back sections are drawn up and back into a tall arrangement of twists and knots that lend a surprising impression of simplicity.

Fifteen Florins:
Braided-Pouf: A partial up-do in which the hair has been styled into a braided arrangement with a stylish pouf on the front-top. The braid itself is coiled around the forehead like a headband with tufts of hair curling aside to frame the cheeks, while the remaining tresses fall freely in the back.
Curl-Bouquet: A bouquet of layered hair designed in a headdress of twists, curves, coils, spirals, rings and tendrils. The sides are brushed severely back to emphasize the mass convolution of loopy rolls that tower on the top and descend upon the back.
Fashionably-Laced: Hair which is worn in a cascaded fashion and then intricately laced with arrays of fragrant blossoms.
Razored-Layers: A long male hairstyle featuring razor-cut layers, focused along the leading edges of the sides. The fringe is parted off-center and angled, with the rest of the hair hanging loosely about the shoulders or back.
Wrapped-Sections: Heavy sections of hair are strongly wrapped around each other to lend the impression of a hat upon the head with a ballet of tendrils along the top side. The bangs have been combed over and under the top of the locks with the coup de grace being the willowy coils that stagger below one side of the wearer's shoulders.


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Sixteen Florins:
Crimped-Quiff: Hair which has been crimped throughout before being drawn up into a bouffant-like quiff. Small tufts of crimped fringe have been left free about the face to lend an air of elegance.
Fashionable-Twists: A style featuring an elaborate arrangement of fashionable twists that trail down one side of the head. The rest of the hair has been loosely curled and accented with miniature gems.
Fringed-Springy-Curls: A super curly updo in which springy spirals are pushed back at the center of the head by a wide strip of ribbon or cloth to haphazardly fall around the face and neck. At the front left, the hair is styled into straight fringe and brushed flat to come across to the other side.
Grid-Braid: Thin, wispy locks frame the face while the majority of tresses have been neatly collected at the back of the head and plaited into a series of vertical basket-weave, or grid braids. A single rope braid squarely surrounds this unique design before tying off at the nape to secure the hair in place.
Gypsy Curls: A long cut with a clearly delineated horizontal fringe and deeply-textured layers. The glossy, defined curls refract the light into glowing color and shadow patterns to emphasize the visual interest of the look.

Seventeen Florins:
Falleran-Braids: Typical of the Italian, this is a traditional women's hairstyle consisting of two spiralled buns on either side of the head accompanied by two braids that are wound around the back. Twisted strands of locks laid and layered into different figures and shapes are nestled decoratively into the middle of the plaits to finish off the elaborate look.
Piled Curls: Hair which has been curled into ringlets before being piled high atop the head.
Sparrow-Braids: The hair at each temple has been braided back and downward only for the two braids to meet at the back of the head and overlap into an 'x', creating two separate braids that are secured at each end.
Tight Curls: A wild array of crimped hair and tight curls mesh to provide an excessively lifted style with ringlets sporadically sticking out from the mass.
Whorled-Curls: An array of large, whorled curls rest against the head and fall closely about the face. They have been set and styled in such a way as to resemble flat corkscrews.

Eighteen Florins:
Braided-Beehive: Drawn into to the crown of the head, the hair has been delicately wound and puffed into a small beehive with miniature braids creating an elegant cage to secure it in place.
Cloudycurls-With-Braidedbang: A style in which the hair has been fluffed, curled, and back-combed to create wild, ethereal clouds atop the head. A wide and thick braid drapes heavily across the entire forehead before it is pinned invisibly within the hair.
Knot-With-PooledCurls: An elaborate knot has been created atop the head in this partial updo which boasts sporadic crimps and free flying curls throughout. The lower portion of hair has been neatly divided and falls evenly down both shoulders in a tumbling and elegant pool of lazy ringlets to rest upon the bosom.
Pulledback-Flowers: A style in which the hair has been elegantly pulled back and secured with a hairclip or ribbon. A myriad of small flowers have been carefully placed at the base of the hairstyle and then throughout the left side of the hair to create the image of a blossoming crescent moon.
Scrunched-Fringe: A male style in which the layers end at the bottom of the nape and the ears are covered with a scrunched and deliberately unruly mass of locks. The side part and twisted fringe betray higher skills of grooming, leaving the overall look to be effortless and casual.

Nineteen Florins:
Corkscrews: A loose style featuring thick, glossy corkscrews of curls which drape exquisitely over the back.
Long-Crimped-Twists: Long, loose tresses hang straight from a side parting save for random areas of the hair which have been savagely crimped and twisted to provide volume and emphasis. A mass of bangs curtain one side of the face entirely to finish off the look.
Wild Updo With Bangs: The hair has been loosely swept from the nape and messily secured to the crown of the head with twigs and looped wildflowers. A mass of windblown bangs remain resting against the forehead.
Swoopedside-Updo: An artful arrangement of hair is pinned to the side and back of the head with long strands falling loose about the shoulders. The front portion sweeps away, over the brow, meshing with the waterfall of hair down the back.
Wound-Twisting-Tendrils: An intricate up-style displaying all the energy of a bubbling spring. The hair is wound up into tight, twisting tendrils and secured in coils to provide a very structured, elegant look to the wearer.

Twenty Florins:
Curled-Whitestreak: A style in which the hair has been left free of restraints with the bottom half decorated in wide, elaborate curls. A single strand of hair has been streaked toward the front of the head to brighten up the face.
Layered-Tress: A wild hairstyle in which layered tresses combine with massive amounts of spiral curls and waves to splash against the face and over the back.
Pearled-Curls: A loose style in which the hair has been daintily curled and decorated with miniature pearls.
Savage-Dreadlocks: Hair that is worn loose and interspersed with a slew of plaited and twisted dreadlocks which are then adorned with carved bone fragments.
SophisticatedBouffant: Hair which has been swept up into a sophisticated bouffant, with elegantly-spun tendrils cascading about the neck and shoulders.
Tousled-Beads: Tousled hair worn loose and adorned with randomly-scattered, multicolored beads.


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-Hair Textures-

One Florin: Bristly, bushy, clean, coarse, combed, feral, fine, light & neat.
Two Florins: Frizzy, full, greasy, ill-kempt, kinky & messy.
Three Florins: Bouncy, burnished, bushy, puffy, soft, wavy, willowy & wiry.
Four Florins: Abundant, smooth, sparse, unruly & wispy.
Five Florins: Feathery, flowy, fluffy, lively, scant & thick.
Six Florins: Ample, billowy, bountiful, chunky, curly, dark, delicate, downy, satiny & shiny.
Seven Florins: Azure-streaked, balding, caramel-streaked, flouncy & silver-streaked.
Eight Florins: Cerise-streaked, hazel-streaked, lush & sweeping.
Nine Florins: Highlighted, lustrous, opulent & silken.
Ten Florins: Voluminous & deficient.
Eleven Florins: Fluid, greying, & bleach-streaked.
Twelve Florins: Copious & golden-streaked.
Thirteen Florins: Plentiful & raven-streaked.
Fourteen Florins: Dynamic & generous.
Fifteen Florins: Bleached & lavish.
Sixteen Florins: Light-hued & luxuriant.
Seventeen Florins: Ashen & superabundant.
Eighteen Florins: Caliginous, threadlike, & tumbling.
Nineteen Florins: Cascading & gossamer-like.
Twenty Florins: Coruscating, streaming, & tenebrous.
Twenty One Florins: Feather-light, illustrious & munificent.
Twenty Two Florins: Amethyst-highlighted & light-toned.
Twenty Three Florins: Bejeweled, sun-kissed, & tumultuous.
Twenty Four Florins: Lank, monochromatic,& spangled.

-Hair Lengths-

*Doses of hair-growing oil and hair cuts will cost 1 florin each.*

Hair Lengths: One Florin Each
Ankle-length, botched, butchered, chin-length, close-cropped, floor-length, hip-length, knee-length, long, lopsided, medium, ordinary, overlong, shaved, short, shoulder-length, thigh-length, trimmed, and waist-length.





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-Beard Styles-


Beard Styles: One Florin Each

Beard Beaded-Braids
Braided Beard
Braided Goatee
Chinstrap Beard
Curled Mustache
Goatee Beaded-Braids
Handlebar Mustache
Loose Bangs
Mustache and Goatee
Mustache and Whiskers
Pencil Mustache
Sideburn Chops
Toothbrush Mustache
Twisted Beard
Twisted Goatee

-Beard Textures-

Beard Textures: One Florin Each
Bristly, coarse, dirty, fuzzy, greasy, groomed, long, matted, oily, ordinary, scraggly, shaggy, short, silky, slick, smooth, trimmed, and wiry.


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Nail cuts (Length):10 florins

long, medium, short, trimmed

Nail shapes: 10 florins

almond, arrowhead, ballerina, bitten, clean, dirty, edge, elegant, flare, lipstick, lustrous, manicured, neat, oval, polished, rounded, slender, smooth, square, stiletto, uneven

Manicure: 24 florins

-Includes: Cut, Shape and Polish