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The Midas Company

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The Midas Company is here to help the city, especially during hard times.  Here is a refresher on how we can help:

LOANS - Getting started can be expensive!  We will loan up to 1000 florins to help you buy the lessons, patterns and equipment you need to get established.

PROTECTION - Tensions are high in the streets, and there are even reports of kidnappings.  Hire Midas protection to for an additional layer of protection for you, your guild or your embassy - from hooligans, kidnappers, or anyone else trying to bother you.

MATERIALS - Our warehouse is filled with rare, custom and unique items and raw materials.  Schedule time to see our inventory, and buy whatever you need.  

JOBS - The Midas Company has lots of work, and needs your help.  If you're new to town, or looking for a new path, get in touch. Free training is available, especially in combat careers.

Contact Salvatore, Charisma or Milli