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Ranks and Promotions

In Allegory of Empires, there are a variety of factions that you can pledge loyalty to and/or earn ranks with. You DO NOT have to be loyal to a group to accept a promotion nor do you need to be a member of their consulate/guild (although there may be social repercussions for accepting promotions from groups you are not loyal to). There are benefits to earning ranks (extra income, access to loyalty merchants) but your decision to follow a specific path should ideally be driven by story.


  1. Nation of England (Social and Military)
  2. Nation of France  (Social and Military)
  3. Nation of Germany (Social and Military)
  4. Nation of Italy (Social and Military)
  5. Nation of Scotland (Social and Military)
  6. Nation of Spain (Social and Military)
  7. The Catholic Church (Social and Military)
  8. The Underworld

Most groups have social and military paths to choose from, but regardless of which path you choose, you are still pledging loyalty to the associated nation.


Unless a StoryPoint rank package is purchased, everyone begins the game as a Freedman (rank 3). Joining the  underworld, or church at rank 3 will automatically grant the rank name and title associated with that rank.

Your access to ranks will be based on your account type. Free accounts can accept promotions up to level 6; Basic accounts can accept promotions up to level 11; Premium accounts have no restrictions. If your account type drops below what is allowed for your rank, you will still maintain that rank but you will not be able to accept further promotions.

Social Ranks

Rank Rank Name Rank Titles
3 Freedman
4 Yeoman
5 Burgher
6 Thane
7 Gentry Esquire
8 Armigerous Gentry Esquire
9 Knight Sir/Dame
10 Baronet/Baronetess Sir/Dame, Baronet/Baronetess
11 Baron/Baroness Lord/Lady, Baron/Baroness
12 Viscount/Viscountess Lord/Lady, Viscount/Viscountess
13 Count/Countess Lord/Lady, Count/Countess
14 Count/Countess Lord/Lady, Count/Countess
15 Marquess/Marchioness Lord/Lady, Marquess/Marchioness
16 Marquess/Marchioness Lord/Lady, Marquess/Marchioness
17 Marquess/Marchioness Lord/Lady, Marquess/Marchioness

Military Ranks

Rank Rank Name Rank Titles
3 Freedman
4 Private Private
5 Corporal Corporal
6 Sergeant Sergeant
7 Sergeant-Major Sergeant-Major
8 Lieutenant Lieutenant
9 Captain Captain
10 Major Major
11 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
12 Colonel Colonel
13 Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
14 Captain General Captain  General
15 General General
16 Marshal Marshal
17 Field Marshal Field Marshal

Church Ranks

Rank Rank Name Rank Titles
3 Novice Novice
4 Church Acolyte Acolyte
5 Brother/Sister Brother/Sister
6 Pastor Brother/Sister
7 Deacon Father/Mother
8 Presbyter Father/Mother
9 Prelate Prelate
10 Bishop Bishop
11 Exarch Exarch
12 Vicar Vicar
13 Archbishop Archbishop
14 Archbishop Archbishop
15 Primate Primate
16 Cardinal Cardinal
17 Patriarch/Matriarch Patriarch/Matriarch

Underworld Ranks

Rank Rank Name Rank Titles
3 Henchman
4 Ruffian
5 Thug
6 Ganger
7 Associate
8 Caporegime
9 Gang Lieutenant
10 Gang Underboss
11 Gang Boss Boss
12 Head Capo Boss, Capo
13 Consigliere Boss, Capo
14 Ringleader Boss, Capo, Father/Mother
15 Mastermind Boss, Capo, Father/Mother
16 Crime Lord Boss, Capo, Father/Mother
17 Kingpin Boss, Capo, Father/Mother

Favor and Earning Ranks (Promotions)

Ranks are earned by collecting favor points from other characters. A favor cycle is ran every Sunday that will convert the previous week’s favor points into influence points. You can check the status of your rank and influence points using the @rank command, and it will tell you what criteria you need to meet to earn your next promotion.

> @rank

StoryHost Roo is a Deacon (rank 7)
Possible future promotion:
Spanish Yeoman (rank 4) – Gather 2 points of Spanish influence (0/2), and have a higher ranked patron who is loyal to the Spanish.
Spanish Yeoman (rank 4) – Gather 6 points of Spanish influence. (0/6)
Type ‘@rank list’ for a full listing of future promotions.

‘@rank list’ will give a thorough breakdown of all factions, and if you are eligible for any promotions, you will be given a prompt to accept it. PLEASE NOTE: When accepting a promotion, influence for ALL factions will be erased so be 100% certain before accepting. Staff will not and cannot revert this decision

You can earn favor points for any faction regardless of your loyalty. The type of favor point you are given is based on the loyalty of the character issuing the favor. To favor another character, use the @favor command (@favor kjell).  You can favor as many people as you want although the more favor you give out, the less weight it has. This means that not all favor will convert into influence points when the weekly cycle is ran. You can also favor the same person multiple times per week but they will only be eligible for one influence point. The more favor you give an individual, the more priority they will be given when influence points are being distributed. Favor points are hidden so it is up to you to keep track of who you favor.

The number of influence points required for a promotion is based on rank level, so the higher the rank, the more influence you need to collect. This number can be cut in half by finding a patron who is at least two ranks higher than you. The relationship between a protege and patron is intended to represent the higher ranked individual mentoring the individuals beneath him or her. Their success should be a direct representation of the patrons influence and tutelage and can include things like tutoring, making connections together, hosting events together and working together on various projects as well as the higher ranked individual ensuring the protégés access to education and resources to best represent their loyalty path. Use the @patron command to patron, un-patron, and get a list of current protégés. PLEASE NOTE: Patron/protégé connections will automatically be severed should one or the other become inactive.

Influence points can also be gained by hosting an event. See the @event help file or more information.

Disfavor and Losing Ranks (Demotions)

Similar to the @favor command, the @disfavor command can be used to take away a character’s influence points. For example, if I receive 2 points of Church favor, but 4 points of Church disfavor, that will result in me losing 2 points of Church influence during the weekly favor cycle. Losing influence is not enough to warrant a demotion although it will prevent you from gaining further promotions.

To lose a rank requires someone to file a demotion petition against another character. Demotion petitions can be acquired in the Trade House Tower. The character starting the demotion process must be of the same loyalty group and of higher rank than the person they want to demote. Once the petition is filed, the character in question will receive a copy of the petition and it will be up to both characters to collect signatures in support of or against the demotion. After three days pass, the signatures will be compared and a decision will be made based on signatures collected.


Regardless of perks, chasing rank is not meant to be the ultimate goal of every character in Allegory of Empires. This system, along with the other systems, are a means to enhance your storytelling experience. So whether you are giving out favor, hosting events, or offering patronage, please make decisions based on roleplay. Did Bob do something beyond just being present to EARN favor from you? Are you taking your patron duties seriously and roleplaying that relationship? At the end of the day, it is up to YOU, the players, to make favor and rank mean something special.