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Class Skills

The skills listed are available to the respective classes. Skills in italics are available at character generation. Skills marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that the player may choose one of multiple options.


Perhaps the most mysterious gift is that of the mind, and those who can wield it will find a wealth of resources to navigate this tricky world. How you choose to use it is up to you. Regardless of the goal, the power of knowledge is a wondrous one that can move mountains no sword will ever dent.

Body Servant

eavesdrop, hairstyling, lipread


With tenderness and care, your hands can make miracles of someone’s darkest day. Use your knowledge to bring hope to those who need such care

healing, herbalism


In the twisted web of politics and promises, quick wit and a quicker tongue can pave the way faster than any blade. How will you wield this articulate weapon?

art, music, eavesdrop, lipread



The clash of steel; sparks fly as the blades meet. Fighters are at home in the heat of battle, testing their mettle against foes both worthy and not. Do you yearn for the feel of a weapon in your hands or to fight for your cause?

Dual-Wielding Fighter

If you can kill two birds with one stone, imagine what you could do with two. You strike at your foe with double the bite, wielding two weapons instead of one.

axe*, club*, dagger*, dodge, endurance, fencing*, parry, precision, sword*

One-Handed Fighter

With artistry and grace, you are the master of your chosen weapons while defending against your foe with a shield in hand.

axe*, club*, dagger*, dodge, endurance, fencing*, parry, precision, shield, sword*, whip*

Two-Handed Fighter

Brawn is your specialty and the weapons you wield are just as mighty. You are the master of the most imposing of weapons.

axe*, club*, dodge, endurance, parry, polearm*sword*

Unarmed Fighter

Who needs a weapon when yours are part of your very essence. Unarmed fighters can fell any foe with nothing more than their body and skill.

dodge, endurance, parry, precision, unarmed




With cat-like grace and a keen eye, you’re most at home where your prey roams wild. With your well-honed skills, the game of predator and prey thrills like no other.

archery*, dagger*, dodge, gun*, polearm*, precision, skinning, trapping



Right and wrong is neither black nor white, but shades of grey as dark as the shadows that cloak your intentions. Perhaps the ends justify the means, but only you will ever really know the reasons for your choices. It is not only those who are free of sin that cast the first stone, so be sure to master your dark arts.


With the target in your sights, you move like the whispers that brought you here. The deed is done and you slip away into the cloak of darkness with death as your wake.

herbalism, dagger, dodge, endurance, parry, precision, sneak


A tangled web you weave when you practice to deceive. Whispers are your currency and knowledge is your goal. How you trade them is up to you.

dagger, dodge, endurance, parry, precision, eavesdrop, lipread, sneak


One will always find a way to survive, whether those methods are noble is another thing entirely. And those with the will can do more than survive; they can thrive.

dagger, dodge, endurance, parry, precision, pickpocket, sneak, steal



The reward of a hard day’s work is the most fulfilling feeling in the world, and to see something crafted by your own hands is a joy unlike any other. Careful stitches, painstaking engravings or the heat of the forge are your lifeblood and the end results are treasures worth more than their weight in gold.


The heft of the hammer, the sizzle of hot metal releasing steam into the air. Sweat beads on the brow as you force the unyielding metal to your whim and craft masterpieces with might. You can learn about this class HERE

metalworking, appraise, trading


The pen is mightier than the sword, they say. And there is no better place to hold those precious words and powerful words than a book crafted under your careful guidance. You can learn more about this class HERE

bookbinding, appraise, trading


The smell of fresh lumber, the resistance of the grain as your chisel slowly pries something from nothing. With hammer and nails and creative spirit, you’ve created a treasure. You can learn more about this class HERE.

woodcarving, appraise, trading


A rainbow of colors awaits your keen eye. With careful mixing and a delicate hand, you will be able to paint the world in an array of colors! You can learn more about this class HERE.

dyeing, appraise, trading


Precious metals and treasured gems are your canvas. With careful and precise skill, you create the priceless pieces that mark the moments more priceless than the gems themselves. You can learn more about this class HERE

jewelcrafting, appraise, trading


With brute force and tireless might, your skills in coaxing hidden materials from the earth keep the cogs of business churning. 

mining, appraise, trading


The monotonous push and pull of needle and thread punctuate countless moments of the day, but your keen eye and creative soul breathes life into swaths of colored fabric. You can learn more about this class HERE.

tailoring, appraise, trading


Only the most gifted of minds can see the life hidden in a block of stone, and yours can coax that breath into even the coldest monoliths of earth. You can learn more about this class HERE

stonemasonry, appraise, trading


Deft fingertips and patience beyond compare give you the power to turn even the roughest fibers into supple swaths of fabric. You can learn more about this class HERE

weaving, appraise, trading


With a masterful eye, you can see the forest through the trees. Your sights find the perfect specimen and with a hearty heft of the ax, the prize is yours.

woodcutting, appraise, trading