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The basic command for all livestock animals is control. To see a full list of available commands, type control [animal].


control pig

That is not a valid command for a fat pink pig. Valid orders are: “access” “allow” “deny” “follow” “stay” “dress” “undress” “hunt”

To use one of the individual commands available in the list of controls, type control [animal] ‘[command].


control pig ‘follow

Additional Controllers

You can add and remove additional controllers (friends) with the allow and deny commands. Syntax: control [animal] ‘allow/deny [name]


control pig ‘allow Roo

control pig ‘deny Roo

The access command allows you to see the list of controllers for the animal.


control pig ‘access

The following people have access to a fat pink pig:
Owner 1 – StoryBuilder Kjell
Friend – StoryCoder Roo

Dressing & Undressing

Livestock can wear items with the dress command. To do this, you must hand the item to the animal first. Any wearable items in the animal’s possession will be worn. Syntax: control [animal] ‘dress

The command to remove items from the animal is undress. All worn items will be removed at once and can be taken from the animal with the empty command. Syntax: control [animal] ‘undress and empty [animal].


control pig ‘undress

empty pig

Animal Husbandry

Each livestock animal has a unique byproduct that can be harvested. The quantity and/or quality (as applicable) are rely on the caretaker’s animal husbandry skill. Note that livestock MUST be cared for in a farm or yard location.

All livestock animals must be cared for by feeding them. Chickens eat chicken feed, cows, goats, and sheep eat hay, and pigs eat anything edible. Syntax: feed [item] to [animal]


feed chicken feed to chicken


Chickens that are fed daily will produce up to three eggs per day, which can be sold to the NPCs in any of the general stores.

Cows and goats can be milked using the milk command. Syntax: milk [animal].


milk cow

You will need a bucket in order to collect milk. Full buckets of milk can be sold to the NPCs in any of the general stores.

Pigs can be used to hunt for truffles in the forest. Syntax: control pig ‘hunt. Truffles can be sold to the NPCs in any of the general stores.

Sheep grow fleeces, which can be sheared and combed to produce bundles of wool for weavers. You will need a pair of sheep shears to harvest the fleece (syntax: shear sheep) and a pair of carding combs to process the fleece (syntax: comb fleece).