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Dogs & Cats


The basic command for dogs and cats is control. To see a full list of available commands, type control [animal].


control dog

That is not a valid command for the dog. Valid orders are: “access” “allow” “attack” “bark-happy” “bark-warning” “beg” “belly-rub” “cry” “deny” “down” “dress” “growl” “howl” “pant” “play” “roll” “sniff” “sit” “sleep” “stay” “tilt” “track” “undress” “wag” “yawn”

To use one of the individual commands available in the list of controls, type control [animal] ‘[command].


control dog ‘follow

Additional Controllers

You can add and remove additional controllers (friends) with the allow and deny commands. Syntax: control [animal] ‘allow/deny [name]


control dog ‘allow Roo

control dog ‘deny Roo

The access command allows you to see the list of controllers for the animal.


control dog ‘access

The following people have access to a chubby fawn pug:
Owner 1 – StoryBuilder Kjell
Friend – StoryCoder Roo

Dressing & Undressing

Dogs and cats can wear items with the dress command. To do this, you must hand the item to the animal first. Any wearable items in the animal’s possession will be worn. Syntax: control [animal] ‘dress

The command to remove items from the animal is undress. All worn items will be removed at once and can be taken from the animal with the empty command. Syntax: control [animal] ‘undress and empty [animal].


control dog ‘undress

empty dog


There are several commands available to dogs which can be used for hunting. Dogs can be trained and improve these abilities over time through use of of the commands.

When in the same space as a wild animal, the dog can attack the animal.


control dog ‘attack squirrel

Dogs can also be used for tracking wild animals. To do this, show a pelt to the dog.


show my squirrel pelt to dog

After you show the pelt to the dog, the dog will wander off in search of the respective animal.